May 04, 2009

If I Were a Sane Person

With five weeks of school left and four kids in school I can not tell you how busy the days are right now.

It is busy enough to make a sane person crazy. If I were a sane person.

I look at the calendar with just the teensy bit of dread. Why is life so busy?

There are probably some of you out there that think we just need to cut back. The sad truth is that we have. For the first time in over nine years not a single child is playing baseball. I would be sad if I had time to be sad.

Added to all this insanity is the need to carve a 5 hour chunk of time a week out of the schedule in order to ride a bike. Oh, just in case your wondering how many miles you can ride a mountain bike on the road instead of a road bike before your body rebels. It is 60! Just in case you ever have need for that kind of information.

For the first time I'm having actual fantasies of what if will be like when my life does not revolve around kids. That is sad right? They grow up so fast and here I am fantasising about the day when I am not running them all over the known universe.

I can hear some of you right now saying, "Someday your going to miss it." I'm sure your right but right now it is hard to imagine.

Well as you can see I'm off to a very grumpy Monday. I need a happy pill or a hit over the head with a happy stick. How about some ideas on how to kick the doldrums to the curb. Anyone, anyone.....

Oh well, I don't have time for this grumpiness. Hope your Monday doesn't involve to many Oscar the grouch moments.

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Heather Bowles said...

Wow, you are doing good if you only thought of your life not revolving around your kids until now. I think about that at least once a week.