May 21, 2009

Is it Over Yet?

This time of the year there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

Which is really ironic considering there are more daylight hours. The sun comes up around 6 and sets somewhere around 9.

Soccer is almost wrapped up. The boys finished on Saturday.

Before their games they were at the father and son camp out. They had a blast and love to go camping with all the men.

S. has a couple games left and she is officially done with soccer. She is very sad to leave her team. However, she decided that she had to much going on and she was missing to many days of swim. She participated in her first long course meet on Friday. We all love long course because it means being outside and enjoying the summer.

(Long Course = 50meter pool (usually outdoors), Short Course =25yard pool (usually indoors))


We have finally completed planting. To tell the honest truth I was getting a little sick of it. This year we added two more planting beds, added a planted hedge to the yard and expanded a third bed. We planted and planted and planted and planted.

Now that it is all done I would never admit to hating all the planting. All though there were times that it seemed we would never finish. Saturday we finished up and mulched everything. Just in time since the temperatures took a serious jump up.

Brent is complaining that it is to warm and even has a headache from the heat. Me I am happy as a clam enjoying the warm. Funny that he is the one from Bakersfield and the heat is bothering him. I hear that it is in the 100's already and we aren't even to 85 yet.

With all the planting, biking and end of schooling I am exhausted. Thank goodness it is a long weekend maybe I can find my creative mo jo somewhere.


(Our little Group of Riders before our first ride together. Remember what happened then?)

Hope you have a fantastic Memorial weekend. Grill a hamburger for me.

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