May 10, 2009

A Laptop May Save This Blog

Happy Mother's Day! My complete inability to stay in the house has driven me outdoors with the laptop. Ancient as this laptop may be I am thrilled to be able to sit on the porch, enjoy listening to the children play, soak up some sun, and type a way.

I feel as if I am neglecting my little blog. Which I'm sure annoys no one but myself but I'm still annoyed that I can't spend 20 minutes at the computer. That is I can't spend 20 minuets at the computer without feeling like I need to be outside. So I go outside and accomplish the ever important task of counting how many seedlings are popping up.

I assure you it is a very important task. If I don't do it then Brent will do it and he may not give me a full report.

I can sense your jealousy.

School is wrapping up and we have been busy and I have a whole bunch of pictures to share, from soccer, to school musicals, to an orchestra concert. Oh wait, I have video of that one. I'm sure you can't wait to listen to 350 first year orchestra students perform.

Again with the jealousy.

I continue to peddle away at my bike I can't really say for sure how many miles I will accomplish on June 6th. I know that I will finish 60, I'm almost positive that I will finish 80, and I have a sneaky feeling if all the stars align properly I may finish 104. Which truthfully this whole journey to this bike ride has taught me so much about myself that I will be happy with whatever I end up doing.

It is fun to discover you love something that you were sure you hated. :)

This week is going to be a very busy week. I know, I know, that is what I always say. I need new material. This week is a 70 mile bike ride. Should be lots and lots of fun. S. is going to be swimming her first long course meet of the season. She is swimming a 100 free and tells me she is going to break a minute. Send your prayers and positive thoughts to Logan Friday night.

The boys are headed to the father son camp out this weekend and AYSO soccer will end on Saturday. So full of tears. S. has a few more games left and then she will be hanging up her soccer cleats. More on that later. I've rambled long enough and I'm sure you have more important things to do today.

Hopefully, everyone is having an awesome Mother's Day. I have to admit as far as Mother's Day is concerned this has been one of the best. :)

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Willow said...

I missed you and your posting! However, I do understand the love for flowers. Feel free to enjoy the sun... we are nearly hot enough to start cursing the heat.