May 04, 2009

Three Ipods and a Contest

In this house there are 3 Ipods.

I have one which is one of the first generations of IPODS. In fact when the kids I work with see my IPOD they laugh and grab it and go around the whole pool saying, "Look at Krissi's IPOD look at how huge it is!" "Have you ever seen anything this big?" Then they gleefully dig through my play list to see what kind of music old people listen to. I could be insulted. Except for the fact that every now and then they like my music and then I feel young. Totally worth the ridicule.

The second IPOD belongs to S. and the third belongs to A. All of the IPODS are updated on one computer all of the music is pulled from one library.

One of the features of ITunes is keeping track of how many times each song is played. When I was the only one updating my IPOD I never really payed much attention to this feature. Until lately I had completely forgot about this particular statistic. Then the other day I accidentally clicked on play count and it listed the songs in order of the number of times the songs had been played.

My jaw dropped when I saw how many times the first song had been played.

This is where my contest comes into play. This is a silly contest with the winner getting bragging rights on their ability to think like a tween. I will even praise your abilities and your inner youth if you are the winner.

Meaning you win nothing but praise. An Atta boy! :) Totally worth the effort, right?

Here is the contest below is a list of the top five most played songs in our ITUNES library. I have included the number of plays for numbers 2-5. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to guess how many times the number one song has been played. I will give you one hint. Think ridiculously high number.

#1 Bella's Lullaby (From Twilight)
#2 Pineapple Princes (From the Lilo & Stitch movie soundtrack) 81
#3 Respect (Aretha Franklin) 57
#4 Vocalise (Jenny Oaks Baker) 57
# 5 Fidelity (Regina Spektor) 53

Now I have to go and talk to my daughter about moderation. Have a great Tuesday I can't wait to see what your guesses are.


Angie said...

My guess is 223. :)

Willow said...


Bella's Lullaby, like Bella from Twilight?

Was she doing chores whilst playing the song? If she was working at the same time, and you have shiny carpet lines to prove it, I say you give her a pass. =)

Willow said...

Oops... sorry, it says from Twilight right there. I should just read all the way to the end of the line.

Speaking of which, did I ever tell you I have a reading disability? True story. I was working in Delano and there was a HUGE study being done on reading and comprehension. My kids were not interested in participating (which was NOT an option), so I told them I would do the test with them. Turns out... all of my freshmen read just fine, but I had a reading disability (the test tracked eye movement and my eyes don't follow the text to the end of each line. Then I skip lines and have to go back and reread).

Boy, I so could have milked that if I hadn't already graduated from college!

SAS said...

I say 712. Nate listened to Brass Monkey over 100 times in one day, and he's 5. Ridiculous, where was his mother?

Race Fam said...

Brass Monkey, that is funny Sara! I could listen to Bella's Lullaby over and over again too, notice my first song on my playlist! I am going to say 3o1 times.

4kidsandcrazy said...

So out of tune with tween music! I'll guess Bella 1150 times

Angie said...

Oh yeah. Another comment. Who likes Regina Spektor? LOVE HER! I listen to "Samson" waaay more than I should. Nothing to excess though. Maybe 50 times is all.

PS. I love Bella's Lullaby too. :) Nice choice S.

Me, Myself and I said...

1,111 times for Bella's Lullaby.