May 20, 2009

What is Blooming!

Bearded iris, Iris germanica.

Two years ago a friend thinned out her Irises and asked if I would like the bulbs. At the time we had just added 300sq feet of planting beds and had nothing to plant in them. I took her up on the bulbs and this spring had the most beautiful display of Irises.

Ironically, I now need to thin out the Irises and will be handing several of them off to a neighbor.

Lesson learned: Gardening is a neighbor hood sport! Share the blooms.




I also wanted to mention my growing resentment towards the bugs in my garden. They are certainly a good news bad news bug. Good news, the bug that is eating all my little flowers are the same ones that cultivate the dirt and give you nice loose soil. Also, they stop eating the flowers once they become established. Their taste runs towards the baby plants. Bad news, THEY ARE EATING MY PLANTS AND THEY AREN'T STOPPING!!! GRRRRR......



Me, Myself and I said...

Oh yeah - I was going to tell you how great your flowers look. No really, I was! This post just reminded of that. So uh, yeah.... your flowers look great!

Gardening truely is a neighborhood sport! My irises came from across the street, and some yellow things came from Cristy.

Emily said...

Oh, I so love irises. They're the state flower of TN, just in case you were wondering.