May 30, 2009


My creativity juices have taken a back seat. Due mainly with the fact that I will be participating in the Little Red Century ride. Thankfully it is next weekend. Which may be the only time in my life that I ride a bike 100 miles.

Of course the question remains will I ride the bike a 100 miles?

Do any of you have any idea how far 100 miles is?

Let me tell you after yesterday's 80 I'm thinking 100 is very, very, far away.

My very good friend (who I will not refer to as the Exercise Nazi in this post) went out with me yesterday. I'm sure if it wasn't for her somewhere around mile 74 I would have died. Well maybe that is a tiny bit of an exaggeration. However, by mile 74 I was pretty much dying.

For about 10 miles before that I had the chills, I kept shivering, and according to my bikes thermostat it was 98 degrees. So the shivering had me a bit freaked out. Okay, well a lot freaked out. Any one who knows me well knows I don't handle physical discomfort. I am a huge baby when it comes to being uncomfortable.

I'm riding down the street saying over and over again, "Wendy why do I have the chills, why am I shivering?"

Then she would say your body is in shock.

"What do you mean my body is in shock? I'm in shock! Isn't that bad, shouldn't I stop."

"No! Your just going through the wall."

"THE WALL! WHAT WALL! I don't see no wall. Wendy why do I have the chills....." Repeat conversation!

Amazingly enough she explained it again and again and I'm pretty sure again.

At mile 78 she asked me if I wanted a break.

In which I thanked her profusely and fell off the bike into the grass where I didn't move.

Yes with only two miles left to go I lied down and tried to convince her we had went far enough. I tried to convince her that visualizing the remaining two miles was just as good. That we did not need to go any further we had went far enough. It didn't work.

Well that was after I said, "My eyes are stinging!"

"Yah, that is sweat."

"SWEAT, my eyes sting from sweat?"


"Remind me again why I have friends who talk me into doing things that make me sweat so hard my eyes sting?"

"Because this is fun!"

"No, I'm pretty sure this is not fun!"

Man, this has been a crazy journey. I have pushed myself to places that I didn't even know I could go to. I'm still not positive that I can finish the 100 miles. I tell myself I can do it but then I think I must be nuts. Leftover heatstroke or something. Whatever happens I have logged over a 1000 miles on the bike. I have spent hours and hours and hours on the road. Two things that a year ago I would have never thought I would do. I have also discovered that I love biking. So in the end 80 or 100 I will be happy.

I mean really that is a lot of freaking miles on a bike! Believe me my rear has the seat impression to prove it.

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Emily said...

krissi, you can so do it! If biking is like running then stay hydrated, carb load, and get your calories in DURING the race.
You will never regret doing it. I can't wait to hear how it went.
The accomplishment feels INCREDIBLE!