June 18, 2009

300 POST

I was getting ready to post a post and I noticed that this would be my 300th post. In just a little over 14 months I have rambled on 300 times. That is a bit crazy. Okay, this is me we are talking about so it is way crazy. My life is defiantly not interesting enough to fill up 300 post with profound, interesting words of wisdom.

Let me apologize now for all the bad post you have read through. Perhaps even a few of the crazy lady post you have read through. Now, I am really thinking about it I should probably apologize for all the times I went on and on and on about:

Home Improvement Projects (Man, you all should see what Brent is doing now. I love IT!)

I guess more than anything you have had to put up with lots and lots of rambling. It is so nice of you all to indulge me. Maybe sometime in the next 300 post or so this blog will develop some kind of theme and structure.

Then again probably not.

1 comment:

Sharla said...

Ramble on! We love it.