June 04, 2009

Final Countdown

There is enough going on to post a post.

There is enough going on to post two post.

There are flowers blooming, peas harvesting, children growing, zoo goings, and holiday celebrations.

All of which are trapped inside me head. Waiting, waiting for the time that I can put two words together and think. Think without freaking out.

Here is a joke for you

Q. What happens when you challenge a type A, control freak, who enjoys environments in which she can control EVERYTHING, to ride in a 100 mile bike ride, in an environment where she has ZERO control?

I don't have an answer to this joke yet. However, by Saturday night I'm sure I will have come up with something hilarious.

Probably even more funny then me freaking out because there is sweat in my eyes.

All right deep breath, deep breath. . . .

Now as soon as I can stop hyperventilating all will be good.

Do you want to know what I think is hilarious? There are actually people in the world who enjoy this kind of thing. They don't freak out and think that these types of things are fun.

What a bunch of WACKOS!

I will see you in oh a 100 miles or so....


Angie said...

Ha! The joke is on you. You are actually FRIENDS with one of those wackos! And, I believe you may be becoming one of those wackos yourself.

Good luck! I will be thinking about you all day Saturday, sending positive vibes your way! Woo hoo! Go girls!

Heather Bowles said...

I think I would not be freaking out so much if I knew how far I will be riding. I might do 80 maybe only 60 if it is a really good day maybe even 100. I will probably be riding alone due to the fact that I will not be able to keep up with all you wackos so I am a bit freaky about knowing which way to go. I am just freaking out.

Larson said...

GO KRISSI!!!! Good luck tomorrow!!!! :0)