June 22, 2009

I'm Watchin Ya

Today was the first day of a new swim session my very first class is the itty bitties. These are little 3 and 4 year olds who have never taken swim lessons.

They are usually very adorable and very scared. They are so timid and they all stand there and look at you like you are the big bad wolf. Well in away you are you are the one that is going to make them get in the water. In their mind they have no idea what other kind of torture you have in mind.

They all watch you and make sure that you don't do anything sudden. Sometimes they watch me so closely it makes me want to yell. "BOO!" But then I know they will all go running for their moms and that would make me a very very bad swim teacher.

But we have already covered that I have a not so nice streak at times.

This little class was typical they all stood there staring at me just waiting to see what horrible thing I had planned. When I told them to slide into the pool they all slid in with a look in their eyes that said, "I'm watching you!" They all nervously went through the first 15 minutes of class. However, I could tell that this class was going to be different.

See 15 minutes into the first swim class and not one of them was crying. All six of them stared at me big eyed and waiting for my evil to come out but no one was bolting. No one was hanging from my back screaming for mom. All eyes were dry and to my amazement there were even smiles.

Every last one of them is cute as heck and pretty much did everything I said. It was awesome! Maybe they can come home with me and train my kids. I have a feeling that this might be one of the best sessions I have ever worked.

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4kidsandcrazy said...

SWEET!!! I hope it lasts:)