June 17, 2009

Pink Elephants

While in the midst of the the 24 hour flu I came up with a brilliant post. It flowed through me with pure brilliance. I know it was an excellent post the pink elephants told me it was brilliant. The drum line that had pounded out one drum cadence after the other inside my head told me it was brilliant.

The problem is that now the fever has disappeared, the pink elephants have gone and the drum line quit beating away I can't remember a word of this brilliant post. Maybe it wasn't that brilliant I don't really know how much I should trust pink elephants anyway.

I guess I will just have to think up another post. One that isn't thought up in the midst of a fever, chills, and pounding headache. Given those conditions I again might have to question the brilliance of said post.

Hopefully, the flu is done at this house. H. was the first victim last Thursday. Sunday Brent came down with it then Monday and Tuesday S., A. and I came down with it. At this time we have one lone family member left who has not had the joy of the 24 hour flu.

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