June 07, 2009

Ride 103.5 miles, CHECK!


9:40 am

I have always lived my life defined. Meaning that I know who I am and I know my capabilities. I am perfectly aware of what I can and can not accomplish. Which is why I never do anything that I wont succeed. Also, a reason why I don't do a lot of things. A LOT!

Among the definition of who I am is, "Not an athlete." Really, when we get down to it, it is the reason why I am freaking out about a 100 mile bike ride. Athletes ride a 100 miles, non-athletes aka Krissi do not ride 100 mile bike rides. It is very very simple. Yet here I am messing with my very own definition.

I have every confidence that I will reach the end of the ride tomorrow. I have trained, I have worked, I have screwed with the very definition of who I am. Leaving the only option of finishing and dealing with what I have done to myself.

I am positive that somewhere around 50 miles I will question and doubt my capability of finishing. I am positive that I will remember, "I am not athlete!" I am pretty sure that I will try very hard to convince myself that I should stop and stop now! However, the damage is done and I don't think I will forgive myself for not crossing that finish line.

Friday 1:30

Thanks to my good friend Willow, some advice from my little bro and of course Wendy aka the Exercise Nazi I have come up with the following statement.

"Good Thoughts give you Energy, Fruitcake."


Wendy's Advice, "You have to come up with a thought that gives you strength to keep going."

Jake's Advice, "You just have to relax and enjoy the experience don't worry about everything.

Willow's Comment, "You can so do this.... you planned, you practiced, you have awesome friends to ride with... it will be a piece of cake. Okay, maybe not cake. ooooohhhh, maybe it will be a piece of fruitcake! -- A little tough, a little sweet, kinda nutty, and something you want to share afterwards. Yep, I say it is a piece of fruitcake. (but a good tasting fruitcake; they have to exist somewhere.)"

Sunday 6:30

Cristy, Heather, Me, Wendy before the ride

I did it, I did it, I did it. 103.5 miles on a bike. I rode from one state to another and back again. Due to our different skill levels all of us that started together ended up separated. I think I probably rode at least 85% of the ride on my own. The first 50 miles were cake.

I was absolutely amazed at how easy and how quickly I was moving. Oh, don't get me wrong I was passed so many times that I'm not even sure I can count that high. However I was doing awesome. Then it happened.

We were told that the ride consisted of rolling hills with no hard climbs. Apparently, cyclist have a different definition of hills then I. At mile 50 I encountered a road sign that said, "LRRH Strong Climb." I then looked up and for a second or two considered crying.

Before me was a mountain, a mountain that I had to climb. Of course I had no choice I had to go up. Over and over I repeated, "Doesn't matter how fast I get up the hill (aka mountain) just get up the hill!" I was also repeating over and over, "Good Thoughts Give You Energy, FRUITCAKE!" I also prayed lots and lots of prayers.

When I made it to the top that hill I had an overwhelming since of accomplishment and not a single doubt I would finish the remaining 50 miles. From that point on I encountered more hills (aka mountains, I swear they were not rolling hills) a downpour of rain and wind. Lots and lots of wind. Rumor has it that the wind was coming at us up to 30 mph. We were riding right into it.

All along I continued to pray and feel blessed and thankful to have a healthy body and the opportunity to challenge myself. Whenever I felt myself even start to think about being discouraged I would say, "Good Thoughts Give You Energy, Fruitcake!"

Before I knew it I was crossing the finish line with a great big smile on my face. I know I did because Wendy caught this picture.


I did it I really did it! And I had a blast and not once did I even consider giving up. IT WAS AWESOME!!

I should clarify one little thing, when I say I did it, I did do it. I was the one who physically pushed and pulled the pedals 103.5 miles. However, I know it if wasn't for Wendy, who I have now decided to refer to as the Exercise Diva instead of the Exercise Nazi, my partners in crime Cristy and Heather, all of you who left so many positive and wonderful comments of encouragement, my husband who endured through all the tears, hours of training, and please come get me, my brother Jake who was there at my lowest point to give me encouragement and faith in myself, Becky and Will, Will for giving me some great advice and encouragement, Becky who drove 90 minutes just to leave a gift encouragement, and all the other family who showed their support, and most importantly Heavenly Father I would have never made it.

All of us after the ride!

I never realized how high maintenance I am. I just want so say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!



Amos said...

Wow, Krissi, what an accomplishment!!! Way to GO!!! There is nothing now that you cannot do. You have proven that to yourself. What a wonderful accomplishment. That is absolutlety amazing - 103.5 miles. That is DANG far. I was thinking about you yesterday morning as I was driving to the LA temple. I was thinking "Krissi is riding a bike as far as I am driving to LA". "Wow", that's all I can say. Great Job!!! One question though. How does your butt feel? :))

Lori Ann said...

WAY TO GO!! I am so impressed and proud of you! That is sooooo AWESOME! You ROCK girl friend!

Me, Myself and I said...

Congratulations you guys! :D

4kidsandcrazy said...

I think I'm most impressed that you had fun doing it! You can do anything! Congrats on a HUGE accomplishment!

Angie said...

Yahooo!!!! That is VERY impressive! Good job! I wish I had that kind of motivation.

Larson said...

Way to go Krissi!!!! I knew you could do it!!! What an awesome accomplishment!!!!! THAT WAS FAAARRR!!! So will your next ride be 150 miles or what??? WOW!!!! Great job!!!

Brock said...

Nice! That is so cool, I don't think I will ever be able to announce I rode 103.5 miles. Ever. Unless in a car, then maybe.

Sharla said...

The one thing I love from all of these pictures is the smile on your face that says "I DID IT!" no wait it screams "I DID IT, I DID IT WELL, and I FEEL AWESOME" CONGRATS! I can't wait to see where you pedal next!

Heather Bowles said...

This is exactly how I fill. I am just not as good at putting it into words. I used the phrase you gave me. Thank You!! It was a blast I am so glad we did it. Next year I am going to shoot for 100. I should be able to do it if I just keep riding.

Angie said...

I also love how you are all smiling. What an amazing accomplishment! You should all feel so proud of yourselves. Very cool. Very, very cool. :))

Emily said...

Krissi, how cool are you? You are incredible and I'm totally impressed! Good work and I'm so proud of you.

Gonna do another?