June 21, 2009

theSwimMom Ask

Back to work tomorrow for the second session of the summer. My fingers are crossed that after a week and a half of battling illness that my family is all better. We can't keep being sick we have a summer to enjoy.

All though to be honest we don't have any major plans. Our plans consist mainly of relaxing as much as possible. I am finding that this isn't as easy as it once was.

The two older kids are busy, busy, busy. They are both swimming 3-5 days a week, participating in swim meets and participating in Jr. Life Guards. I am starting to think that S.'s participation in Jr. Life Guards is more for her social life than an opportunity to learn some life guard skills.

However, I have discovered how awesome it is to have her little brother hang with her. It is GREAT how much he lets me know. :)

The younger two are also jumping into the pool but mainly they are enjoying the freedom of summer.

We are anxiously awaiting summer weather. It has yet to warm up to the point that we "KNOW" summer is here. It has rained and rained and rained another day or two and the weatherman say that this will be the wettest June EVER in Utah. Just the kind of record you want in June, right?

That is about all that is going on right now. With everyone being so sick I feel like I haven't had a chance to say hi everyone, see what your up to, see how your summer is going.

Knowing that I thought I would ask an actual, "SwimMom Question," and ask "What are you up to? How is your Summer going?"

Come on people share your excitement between the pool and sick kids my life is very limited.

Happy Summer V-Cay Monday!


Willow said...

Summer is great!! In the three weeks since school ended we have:

*Taken a day hike in the mountains
*Finished two weeks of swimming lessons
*Baked dozens of cookies (13 dozen so far)
*Stripped wallpaper in the laundry room (okay, this has been my project not theirs)
* Gardened
*Taken countless trips to the library
*Done homework (20 minutes of math AND readng a day to keep their skills sharp)
*Visited friends
*Visited family
*Gone swimming, just for fun
*Made new friends
*Shared lunches, sodas, and snow cones
*Played games... the list goes on.

Today we are going to make more cookies in preparation for a family (my family, my brother's family, my sister and mom are all coming) camping trip in July. So far we have made Oatmeal raisin, Oatmeal chocolate chip, and Gingersnaps.

I am also hoping that July finds us playing as hard as we have been.

Happy Summer!!

4kidsandcrazy said...

So are you guys sick again? Missed you at church yesterday. Your house was so quiet yesterday, I was getting a little nervous. Hope everyone is better soon.

Me, Myself and I said...

My excitement for our one not rainy day last week caused me to turn into a tomato. A bright red tomato.