June 26, 2009

Tooth Fairy, Files Bankuptcy

In the latest financial news, "The Tooth Fairy," has just filed for bankruptcy.

She claims that the loss of teeth has become so great that she is no longer able to keep up. When asked why the sudden filing she sites the loss of teeth in one household being the proverbial straw. Over the course of one week she visited the home 4 times and most nights it was not one pillow but two or three.

She says, "8, 8 teeth in one week, if I didn't know any better I would suspect that parents, struggling in this financial market, have now turned to their children's teeth as a resource."

President Obama, when hearing the news of The Tooth Fairies bankruptcy, pledged his support and is currently having a Obama Tooth Fairy Dollar Minted. Not to be outdone by the US all world leaders are promising similar support.

The Tooth Fairy was overwhelmed with the support however a close friend the Easter Bunny reports, "While not happy with having to file for bankruptcy she did say she was a little relieved that she would finally be able to retire." With the world leaders support it looks as if she will not be getting a much needed break.


When we last spoke to the Tooth Fairy she was in the midst of filing claims. Apparently for every tooth lost she will have to file a claim to that country in order to obtain the minted coins. This will slow down her turnover time significantly and warns children that it could take her weeks to make tooth exchanges. She is optimistic that the household that seems to be causing her the most stress is rapidly running out of baby teeth. She says, "It is with great relief that the last little one in that family has lost his two front teeth. Soon all the baby teeth will be gone and I should see a marked slow down in business."


tracy said...

Krissi, I just loved reading this! How fun. It's fun to stop in and hear about Henry and your family. Congrats on your bike ride!!!

4kidsandcrazy said...

Great! Who all lost teeth?

Race Fam said...

You are funny, He looks so cute toothless. We have the same thing happening here but with only one child.