June 30, 2009

Watch Out, Your Going to Fall! AHHHHH

It turns out that I'm kind of a during person.

Meaning I don't really remember to do something before, I remember to do it during.

Which is kind of anti climatic when I am showing you a home improvement project.

Everyone knows half the fun of improving something is seeing the before and then the after.

However, you just get the during. Mainly because I get so excited to start the project that I just skip the before. Then after all the destruction is done I start snapping away.

Our latest project has been to refurbish the banister for the basement stairs. Our house is 23 years old and the banister is original to the house. It was an okay banister and it was in okay shape. It had been badly stained in the beginning and was a little wobbly other then that it was fine. However, I wanted to clean it up and take it up a notch. So I put the handy husband to work.

Which meant he had to take the whole thing out and take it all apart. Which left our stair case looking like this for about a week.


It was kind of scary to walk past it. I was sure that I was going to fall. I have issues.


These are some of the 28 spindles that had to be stripped, sanded, primed, painted, put back together and polyed. It was so much fun. Smelt great too. (I hope that your picking up on the dripping sarcasm.)


Here is our new banister.



It is very pretty and slowly but surely the picture of my kitchen in my head is starting to match the real kitchen.

I should also mention that one of the best parts about this project I only had to go to hardware store twice. It was awesome!

Next project "before" pictures I promise.


Heather Bowles said...

It looks really good. I like it a lot. I have two banisters and two hand rails that you can do next. Mine are looking pretty sad. I want mine to look like that.

Race Fam said...

Looks great! I had to show Brad so he'll get to doing ours!! Cool what a little paint can do!

Me, Myself and I said...

o0o0o0o Looks so pretty! Great job! I wish I had motivation to do stuff. I have the want, just not the motivation. I ordered some free paint from Glidden (oh, - they're giving away free quarts on their website! - Hope they're still doing that!) --- Annnnyway - I hope I have the motivation to do something with it when it comes.

Sharla said...

WOW that looks super pretty...

Wanna come do mine! :)

Scott and Stacy said...

That looks so great. Didn't look like the ropes would've held anyone if they were to fall. I'd be a nervous wreck.

4kidsandcrazy said...

Hey! That wall looks green! I thought is was going to be red. What happened?