June 10, 2009

What is Blooming!

Before I am done writing this post the most recent garden pictures should be uploaded to flikr. With all the bike business going on around here I have not been very faithful with the garden post. Don't let that fool you. Brent and I tend over our little garden with the vigilance of new parents. The gardens are our babies.

Being as all our actual babies are all big and do things like this when I try to take their pictures.


She is such a bugger. Soon I am going to post a post on the boy craziness taking place in this house. That will show her not to hide from my lens.

Lucky me I still have this one.


He likes to calls all her boys, "goobers" I really like him. Notice anything different between the first and second pic.

Yup the braces are off. He still has some pretty funky contraptions inside his mouth but for now the braces are off. What do you think? Are those pearlie whites worth the billion and three dollars that they cost?

It it any wonder that Brent and I retreat to the garden. Peas don't need braces and flowers keep the bird and bee business pretty basic.

Oh.. Speaking of birds turns out we are not just growing children and a garden around here. The kids found this nest in one of our trees. Brent took the picture so it is a little out of focus. He blamed it on a shaky ladder. Sure I said.


Right now the peas are going gang busters!



Let me tell you we are enjoying all kinds pea dishes. Brent's favorite is fried rice. YUMMMY!!


Tonight I pulled a handful of strawberries off the bush. They too were YUMMMY!


Are you hungry yet?

The flowers blooming are very purdy.




Really, one of my favorite places right now is in my own yard. It is nice to have the time to stop and smell the roses. It is even nicer when they are my roses.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


4kidsandcrazy said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL and so are A's teeth. Congrats to him for getting them off.

Anonymous said...

do you have any of the photos of the contraptions in his mouth just out of interest because i am getting something on the top roof of my mouth and was wondering what they look like? please post them or send me an email with a reply or with them in at joshy301@me.com


all the best