July 29, 2009

I See Jellyfish

Sometimes the best thing to do on a summer evening is watch clouds




July 28, 2009

Brilliant Scheme!

On Saturday the family went and saw the latest Harry Potter film.

We are so not a movie family. The thought of spending all that money to see a movie makes my stomach curl up.

We saved a bit of money my taking in the matinee we had to laugh when the cost of three popcorn's and three drinks was 3 dollars more than what we paid to see the movie. I have no idea how families regularly go to the movies.

I have to say that in the end I thought the movie was worth the price of admission. My husband strongly disagreed. He felt that it took 2 and half hours for the movie to start and then right when it was about to start it ended. That is when my son and I just nodded our heads with big grins on our faces and said, "Yah, we know."

He replied, "What do you mean You KNOW!"

"Well that is how the sixth book ends." A. Said

"Well that is a stupid place for a book to end what happens next."

"Dad you have to read the book to know that."

The conversation continued like this most of the way home. Where it was finally figured out that Brent has not seen any of the previous Harry Potter movies nor has he read any of the books.

He thinks the movie should make sense without reading or seeing any of the previous movies. We strongly disagree. However, I have to admit J.K. Rowling and the people who have franchised Harry Potter are freaking geniuses.

When everyone first started talking about Harry Potter I thought the books sounded like nonsense. Honestly the third book was out in hardback before I even read the first one. Then I only read the first one because I had a son and maybe it was the kind of boy book he would enjoy when he got older.

So I bought the first Harry Potter in paperback and read it. It was cute I liked it and being as the second book was out in paperback at the time I bought and read it. Then I was hooked and the third one was out so of course I had to go buy it even if I could only get in in hardback. Then like every other Harry Potter fan I circled the dates that the books came out and was in line to get the book as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Then last year for Christmas Brent replaced my first two paperback Harry Potter books with hardbacks. Because I had to have the whole sets. Right?

Oh and then the movies started coming out and I'm a big, "We are not going to spend a hundred bucks for the family to see a movie when we can watch it when it comes out on DVD." Then of course those dates have been circled on the calendar and we pick those up as soon as we can get our hands on it.

Now I have fallen victim to seeing the movie in the theater and is there any possible way I can wait after the next movie comes out for it to come out on DVD? No! Also, is there anyway since we own the first five Harry Potter movies that I'm not going to buy the next two. NO! So how much money has the Harry Potter franchise made off of me? Nine books + 5 DVDs + 2 Family Theater Viewings + 2 DVDs=A LOT!

Brilliant! Why didn't I get in on this scheme? Do you think there is any way J.K. Rowling would acknowledge my contribution to her wealth and send me a free DVD?

July 27, 2009

A Decision At Last

I have decided in recent weeks that I have been driving myself a little bit nuts. I'm not exactly sure how many times I have mentioned that my baby is going to first grade and I have some decisions to make but I'm pretty sure I have said it about 10 or 12 or possibly even 30 times to many.

I like talking or in this case typing it gives me the sense of accomplishing something without actually accomplishing anything. :) Except when I finally get to that point that even I am annoyed by all my yacking and lack of actual doing.

So for my birthday I finally made a decision and then actually followed through my decision.

I know a completely novel idea.

I enrolled and in a few short weeks will be starting school. Maybe, I should say I will be finishing school. The last several years I have taken college courses whenever I could fit them in. It turns out that when I went to register to attend college in the fall I was officially a Junior. I was a little surprised to find out I had progressed to that point. In the fall I will be starting course work in the Elementary Education program and will be finishing up my remaining college courses.

I have a little over two years of college ahead of me but I am excited to be moving on to this next chapter in life.

It has been funny over the last couple weeks as my decision to go to school full time and finish my degree has settled in little by little. At first I was scared and kept on thinking of all the reasons it wasn't going to work to go down this path. However, the more I made myself think of all the reason it would work I found more peace in my decision.

The more peace I felt the more excitement I felt and the more excitement I have felt the more anticipation I have felt. I really can't wait to start school. I really enjoy learning and I enjoy classroom experience's. I am even more excited to think that for the first time in my college life I will be taking classes I want to take and not just general eds. I think I have had enough of general eds.

July 25, 2009

Running with the Car

I may have mentioned a time or two that three of my four kids have Christmas birthdays.

I may have also mentioned that we live in Utah and in Utah December is cold, snowy, and COLD!

So occasionally the kids get a Birthday/Christmas gift that really just ends up sitting.

For instance H. received this remote control car for Christmas.


One spin outside in the near freezing temps was all it took to convince him this was not a winter toy.

Now that it has warmed up he has taken his car for a spin or two.


I find it totally amusing how he runs the remote control car.

When I say run I mean run. No matter how many times I tell him and show him he doesn't have to run after the car the minute it starts heading down the street he is right behind it.


I have given up and am just enjoying the show.

July 18, 2009

Little Bit of Rain

A couple of weeks ago we had a few days of rain, thunder, and lightening. I happen to be a very big fan of summer storms. During a lull in the storm me, my favorite crocs and my camera took a stroll through the garden.


Yes, these are my favorite shoes I would wear them year round every where I went if I could. However, last time I tried to wear them to church my mother's voice was so loud in my head that I knew I wouldn't make it out of the house.


This is a pic of our garden. Again we have let a few random sunflowers sprout up. We love how they make our garden feel and look. Not to mention they attract birds who eat the bugs out of the garden.



Here is a couple pics of the roses. It has gotten to hot for them lately but on this day they were enjoying the rain. We had beautiful flowers all June because of the cooler temps.


Here are my Zinnias this is the first year I have planted Zinnias and they are quickly becoming a favorite of both Brent and I. Currently they are about two feet high and loaded with blooms. We will defiantly be planting more of them in the future.

With the summer finally heating up the garden is going nuts. The beans are taking off and each night we are enjoying produce out of the garden. The tomato plants are all loaded and before you know it we are going to be living off of BLT's.

July 17, 2009

One Or The Other

From the day she was born there was only two ways to feel when you were around Al.


Absolute frustration!


or Absolute Elation!


That is our Al.


July 15, 2009


Anyone who knows my family knows that we are not exciting people. We spend our days doing our thing which is usually swimming, chores, computering, reading and gardening.

When you get down to it we are pretty darn dull. Not that we don't have our moments of excitement (in about three years I will tell you what happened to A. at his swim meet last night) believe me we have moments of excitement. However, our moments are usually more on the woo hoo I'm the first one to get a copy of a new release at the library.

Your yawning I can actually hear you yawning. Knock it off! Some people have to be boring.

In the mist of all our boring we have a six year old brother/son. Who has no intention spending his life bored. He also hates fighting for video game time with his older brother and computer time with one sister and TV time with another. So what does he do? He disappears outside.

I know shocking! Why would a child spend time OUTSIDE in the summer? He roams the boundaries his parents have imposed on him for safety and their own sanity doing all kinds of crazy things. Like playing in the sprinklers, riding his bike, chasing friends, all kinds of nonsense.

He is turning a shocking color of brown almost making the rest of his family look pale and sickly. Yesterday, I had a moments panic when I went outside to check on him and couldn't find him. I yelled and the next thing I knew I heard him call back. He was at the top of the tree in our yard, no shoes, no shirt. I looked up at him with my jaw dropped as he leaned out of the tree with his toothless grin and said, "Up here Mom!"

How do I explain to my six year old that in this house we read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin books we don't act out their lives?

July 13, 2009

Once I was 16!

Thank You for all the birthday wishes. Since I was telling everyone that I feel like I am still sixteen it got me thinking about my sixteenth birthday.

On the morning of my sixteenth birthday I woke with one clear thought. FREEDOM! Today was the day the day, the big 16, today everything that had been a big fat no became a big fat yes.

Boys... YES! YES! YES!

Driving... YES! YES! YES! YES!

Who needed the 4th of July I had the 13th of July. My very own independence day! Yup, let Freedom ring People I was officially 16!

Of course there were a few details that had to be worked out and the very first thing on my list of things to do for the day was pass the driving portion of my driving test.

Easy Cheesy!

In excitement, that only a new 16 year old on the verge of getting her drivers license can feel, I raced down the stairs to wake my mom up and get going to my test. The last time I would have to depend on her to get me anywhere. As I raced down the stairs it was my habit to jump pass the bottom 4 stairs. Which I did! Landing in one big splash.



There shouldn't be water on the basement floor. Quick as rabbit before my mom could even know that anything was wrong I ran to the bathroom to grab a towel. Where it became increasingly obvious to me that the water was not going to be soaked up by a towel. Especially given the fact that each step I took had a definite splish splash noise.

With a great big frown on my face I now went to find my mom to let her know the basement seemed to have flooded. Splish splashing into her room I couldn't help but have the feeling this was not going to be the kind of day I had in mind.

You have to give my mom some major points for her amazing ability to handle anything. After waking, assessing the situation and finding that the source of the flood was a hose left in a window wail by a brother, she quickly ceased the flood. Amazingly not killing a single soul in the process. Then she raced her newly 16 year old daughter out the door for a driving test.

I would like to tell you that I passed that test and the rest of my day was spent in celebration of the greatest day of my life. However, I soundly flunked that driving test and spent a good portion of the day moping.

To this day I remember four things about my 16th birthday. One, the feeling of splashing down into that carpet. Two, flunking my driving test. Three, standing in the backyard now filled with carpet padding that had been removed so that the carpet could be lifted and dried. Four, thinking that this birthday so could have been worse.

Looking back now I realize another thing about that day.

I had a very memorable 16th birthday.

July 12, 2009

I'm at that point that it is either 33..34..or 35..?

Tomorrow is my birthday. Woo Hoo! It is crazy to think how fast the years have passed. I find it amazing that in my heart I still feel like I'm 16. Not that I want to be 16 I just feel like I am sixteen.

This has been a crazy year with the economy being all nuts and causing more than a little money stress on our end of things. However, I have gained this whole new perspective on just how little our family can live on. Makes me want to be smarter with money and work on having less "wants" and a better definition of "need." I have also gained a perspective on how life continues to march on regardless of how finances are. The kids continue to grow, reach new milestones, develop into their own people, and have birthday's of their own.

I'm also having to deal with the fact that this year will be the first year all of my monsters are in school full time. Leaving me with an empty house several hours of the day. The memories of chasing four little ones around the house and trying to take care of them all day every day are rapidly dimming. Again I ask where does time go?

Now I am left in this position of figuring out what do with my life. Trying to figure out who I am without someone tugging on me through out the day. I'm not going to lie I am more than a little sad that there are no small feet running through this house , demanding hugs, and throwing of terrible two tantrums. No, now I get big kid tantrums that are in no way better than little kid tantrums.

However, as sad as I am, I am also excited getting married young and having children young means that I have not experienced to much adult life without kids. The only thing I really have done as an adult is have a family. Which I love and have grown in more ways than I can count. I know beyond a shadow of doubt it was the right road for me. Now I get the opportunity to be more than a mom. I haven't quite figured out what road to take I am excited to look at the roads in front of me and figure it out.

As I celebrate this year my 33rd or 34th or 35th birthday whatever it is I forget all the time. I meet the coming year with lessons learned, excitement for the years to come, and a little sadness for the years passed so quickly.


July 08, 2009

Fantasy Land

The writer of this blog is currently in fantasy land.


Meaning there will be no post as she is to busy pretending that she is on the sunny, care free, warm beaches of Hawaii.



Apparently she is also under the delusion she looks smoking hot in a bikini and can currently (in the world of fantasy) be found on the beaches of Oahu sporting a bikini top and a grass skirt.

Further evidence of how deeply she has entered fantasy land includes some very cute natives making sure her umbrella drinks are full and sunblock applied.


The only thing she would like to mention to those of you still dealing with the real world and the endless hours of kids and summer vacation. "The water here is perfect and the sunsets are to die for please feel free to join me."


July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Hope your having a fantastic 4th of July! Save me some potato salad.


July 02, 2009

Smelling the Roses

As I type this post the rain is falling.

The rain is falling the thunder is rumbling and the lightning in striking.

Is there anything better than a good summer storm?

I love sitting here listening to the storm rage and smelling the smell of rain.

It is even better that I have nothing to do at the moment but sit here and enjoy the storm. Almost as good as smelling the roses.

Almost. :)

The second session of summer swim ended today. This session was lots of fun for me. Each year a local daycare reserves six classes and bring all of their kids. This is my third summer at the pool and it is fun to see many of the same little faces. They are growing up as fast as my own monsters.

One little boy who came back this summer was there my first summer. In fact the first six days of swim lessons I carried him on my back as he screamed and hollered and the let the world know how unhappy swim lessons made him. On the seventh day he suddenly stopped and from then on he was a happy camper. He was a little fish this year and it was kind of fun to remember that first summer. Though I wouldn't want to repeat the experience.

Another little boy has down syndrome. He is the cutest most rascally little boy. Today he kept yelling, "Hey, hey Teacher," then he would sign I love you. I smiled and signed it back. He thought that was hilarious.

A few of the little girls in my class had a huge obsession with my name. They thought "Krissi was a beaaauuutttiful name." For a whole day they said it over and over and over and said how much they loved it. Which then led to them telling me how much they loved me and one cute little girl said, "Krissi, you have a beautiful name and you are beautiful and you are very special to me."

Well shucks, what could I say to that.

You know there are just some days when you are reminded just how good your life really is.