July 28, 2009

Brilliant Scheme!

On Saturday the family went and saw the latest Harry Potter film.

We are so not a movie family. The thought of spending all that money to see a movie makes my stomach curl up.

We saved a bit of money my taking in the matinee we had to laugh when the cost of three popcorn's and three drinks was 3 dollars more than what we paid to see the movie. I have no idea how families regularly go to the movies.

I have to say that in the end I thought the movie was worth the price of admission. My husband strongly disagreed. He felt that it took 2 and half hours for the movie to start and then right when it was about to start it ended. That is when my son and I just nodded our heads with big grins on our faces and said, "Yah, we know."

He replied, "What do you mean You KNOW!"

"Well that is how the sixth book ends." A. Said

"Well that is a stupid place for a book to end what happens next."

"Dad you have to read the book to know that."

The conversation continued like this most of the way home. Where it was finally figured out that Brent has not seen any of the previous Harry Potter movies nor has he read any of the books.

He thinks the movie should make sense without reading or seeing any of the previous movies. We strongly disagree. However, I have to admit J.K. Rowling and the people who have franchised Harry Potter are freaking geniuses.

When everyone first started talking about Harry Potter I thought the books sounded like nonsense. Honestly the third book was out in hardback before I even read the first one. Then I only read the first one because I had a son and maybe it was the kind of boy book he would enjoy when he got older.

So I bought the first Harry Potter in paperback and read it. It was cute I liked it and being as the second book was out in paperback at the time I bought and read it. Then I was hooked and the third one was out so of course I had to go buy it even if I could only get in in hardback. Then like every other Harry Potter fan I circled the dates that the books came out and was in line to get the book as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Then last year for Christmas Brent replaced my first two paperback Harry Potter books with hardbacks. Because I had to have the whole sets. Right?

Oh and then the movies started coming out and I'm a big, "We are not going to spend a hundred bucks for the family to see a movie when we can watch it when it comes out on DVD." Then of course those dates have been circled on the calendar and we pick those up as soon as we can get our hands on it.

Now I have fallen victim to seeing the movie in the theater and is there any possible way I can wait after the next movie comes out for it to come out on DVD? No! Also, is there anyway since we own the first five Harry Potter movies that I'm not going to buy the next two. NO! So how much money has the Harry Potter franchise made off of me? Nine books + 5 DVDs + 2 Family Theater Viewings + 2 DVDs=A LOT!

Brilliant! Why didn't I get in on this scheme? Do you think there is any way J.K. Rowling would acknowledge my contribution to her wealth and send me a free DVD?

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Sharla said...

Your going to hate me when I tell you this. The last book is 2 (two) movies. Two more dates to circle! ;)

I was greatly disappointed by this movie. They emphasized the teenage crap and left out major MAJOR plot points. The end of the movie was LACKING. So they missed the mark with my favorite book. However, they rarely figure out how to do a book like this justice in a movie.

My 2 bits.