July 27, 2009

A Decision At Last

I have decided in recent weeks that I have been driving myself a little bit nuts. I'm not exactly sure how many times I have mentioned that my baby is going to first grade and I have some decisions to make but I'm pretty sure I have said it about 10 or 12 or possibly even 30 times to many.

I like talking or in this case typing it gives me the sense of accomplishing something without actually accomplishing anything. :) Except when I finally get to that point that even I am annoyed by all my yacking and lack of actual doing.

So for my birthday I finally made a decision and then actually followed through my decision.

I know a completely novel idea.

I enrolled and in a few short weeks will be starting school. Maybe, I should say I will be finishing school. The last several years I have taken college courses whenever I could fit them in. It turns out that when I went to register to attend college in the fall I was officially a Junior. I was a little surprised to find out I had progressed to that point. In the fall I will be starting course work in the Elementary Education program and will be finishing up my remaining college courses.

I have a little over two years of college ahead of me but I am excited to be moving on to this next chapter in life.

It has been funny over the last couple weeks as my decision to go to school full time and finish my degree has settled in little by little. At first I was scared and kept on thinking of all the reasons it wasn't going to work to go down this path. However, the more I made myself think of all the reason it would work I found more peace in my decision.

The more peace I felt the more excitement I felt and the more excitement I have felt the more anticipation I have felt. I really can't wait to start school. I really enjoy learning and I enjoy classroom experience's. I am even more excited to think that for the first time in my college life I will be taking classes I want to take and not just general eds. I think I have had enough of general eds.

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Me, Myself and I said...

Such an exciting time for you! I'm jealous that you get to get out of the house and talk to people. REAL people! Have fun at school. Be nice to the other kids. Keep your hair tied back so they can see the board. Eat your veggies.