July 15, 2009


Anyone who knows my family knows that we are not exciting people. We spend our days doing our thing which is usually swimming, chores, computering, reading and gardening.

When you get down to it we are pretty darn dull. Not that we don't have our moments of excitement (in about three years I will tell you what happened to A. at his swim meet last night) believe me we have moments of excitement. However, our moments are usually more on the woo hoo I'm the first one to get a copy of a new release at the library.

Your yawning I can actually hear you yawning. Knock it off! Some people have to be boring.

In the mist of all our boring we have a six year old brother/son. Who has no intention spending his life bored. He also hates fighting for video game time with his older brother and computer time with one sister and TV time with another. So what does he do? He disappears outside.

I know shocking! Why would a child spend time OUTSIDE in the summer? He roams the boundaries his parents have imposed on him for safety and their own sanity doing all kinds of crazy things. Like playing in the sprinklers, riding his bike, chasing friends, all kinds of nonsense.

He is turning a shocking color of brown almost making the rest of his family look pale and sickly. Yesterday, I had a moments panic when I went outside to check on him and couldn't find him. I yelled and the next thing I knew I heard him call back. He was at the top of the tree in our yard, no shoes, no shirt. I looked up at him with my jaw dropped as he leaned out of the tree with his toothless grin and said, "Up here Mom!"

How do I explain to my six year old that in this house we read Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin books we don't act out their lives?

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Willow said...

We just spendt 8 days camping where the only rule my kids had was to wear their whistles when they went exploring. With whistles in hand; they climbed Big Rock, created a ninja training facility, found bugs, played hide and go seek, discovered how Stinging Nettle got its name, and looked (as my husband affectionately called them) like "dirt clowns." It was 8 days of child heaven... and a bit of Tom Sawyer fun!