July 25, 2009

Running with the Car

I may have mentioned a time or two that three of my four kids have Christmas birthdays.

I may have also mentioned that we live in Utah and in Utah December is cold, snowy, and COLD!

So occasionally the kids get a Birthday/Christmas gift that really just ends up sitting.

For instance H. received this remote control car for Christmas.


One spin outside in the near freezing temps was all it took to convince him this was not a winter toy.

Now that it has warmed up he has taken his car for a spin or two.


I find it totally amusing how he runs the remote control car.

When I say run I mean run. No matter how many times I tell him and show him he doesn't have to run after the car the minute it starts heading down the street he is right behind it.


I have given up and am just enjoying the show.

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