August 31, 2009

Sibling Love

I took some back to school pictures of the kids. I haven't had to much time to get all the photo editing done but clicking through them I found a few great ones. The following are a couple of my favorites.

This one of the boys is great. It shows them getting along. Which hardly happens these days. Little bro and big bro are constantly fighting for the Alpha Male spot. At least with a picture like this one day I can remember them always getting along. It is good to have pictures to support your fantasies.


This one of the girls is one of my favorites. S.'s teenage attitude is obvious in her stance, in her eyes, in pratically every way. Al on the other hand seems to be saying, "You take your self way to seriously Big Sis."


Maybe I will find some time this week to finish editing the rest. Happy Monday Everyone.

Love Story

My friend Wendy posted this on her facebook last night. It is an awesome remix of a great song. Hope you enjoy.

August 29, 2009

Busy Days!

Amazing enough we survived the first week of school.

Well I guess to most that isn't really an amazing task.

However, our schedule this week with all the back to school stuff and all the regular stuff made for a chaotic week.

Our first monster is walking the halls of Jr. High. Back to school night reminded me all to well how much fun Jr. High can be. (You should really read that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can muster.) From one class to the next we moved and as we listened to the teacher's talk there were a few things I couldn't help to notice.

First, most of S.'s girl friends spent the summer growing and growing and growing. They all look remarkably different than they did at the end of the school year.

Second, this growth did not take place in any of the boy's. In fact A. who is in 5th grade this year was with us and could have easily been mistaken for a 7th grade boy.

Which made me smile. Boy's the same size as her little brother should not be an issue. I'm hoping!

We have already experienced a moment or two of drama. I guess you aren't a true teenager girl if you don't have drama. So much fun (Insert dripping sarcasm, again)!

Another funny side note at the Jr. High parent meeting. My friends and I hid under the table as they tried to get parents to join and participate in PTA.

For the time being we are pretending we have no idea what PTA is.

I'm placing bets on who will be the first of us to cave. I'm betting Tanya!

Meanwhile, everyone is settling back into the elementary schedule. H. is doing awesome and enjoying all day school. I am getting my feet under me. Really looking forward to working with the kids and starting school myself in just a little over two weeks.

August 27, 2009

AT&T FamilyMap

Hey Everyone!

Follow this link to my review blog. I had the opportunity to review AT&T's FamilyMap feature. It was a very fun feature to review. Check out the post and leave a comment and you could win a hundred bucks. Very Cool!

August 25, 2009

The Big News!

Last week I heard a rumor that my kid’s school was hiring a Title I tutor.

Brent and I debated the pros and cons of me applying for the job. We basically decided that my current job had more benefits and I would just stay put.

A couple of days later I had to go over to the school to take care of some PTA stuff. While I was there I ran into the principle. Without even realizing what I was doing I asked her about the job.

She responded that there were already several people interested in the job. However, if I was interested I should turn in my resume.


“What the heck is a resume?”

I went home and told Brent I needed a resume.

“Krissi, (said very much like Ricky use to say to Lucy) I thought WE decided against the job.”

“We did.”

“Tell me then WHY you need a resume?”

“I don’t know!? I just need to do this. I won’t get the job to many other people want the job I just need to try.”

I then sat down to create a resume.

Which was a whole new experience in reality. How do you break yourself down onto a single piece of paper?


Then I had to turn it in. Which made me feel strangely like a beggar.

“Please mum, please, please, can I have the job?”

What the heck was I doing this for I have a job. A job I like!

I felt sick to my stomach and wondered if I have a strange compulsion towards misery.

A couple days later my cell phone rang and the kid’s school name popped up. Shrugging I figured sense school hadn’t started it was a PTA call.

Except when I answered the call the school’s principle was on the line.

She doesn’t generally make PTA calls especially to the Reflection’s chick.

Then she offered me a job. An awesome job. Not the job I applied for but a job as the SEM teacher.

The SEM teacher teaches and runs the gifted and talented program at the school.

I am excited and after spending the last couple of days attending orientations and training it is a great fit more me. I’m so excited that I’m pretty dang annoying to be around.

Which I know isn’t that different than normally being around me but hey!

Anyway that is my big announcement. Points for Shar who hit the nail on the head. Though I have to say Willow's guess gave me a chuckle. I think I would be telling a story about Brent passing out if my news had been on the expecting front.

I went in and talked to my swim boss yesterday. I will be giving up my swim job during the day but will remain an employee filling in as a sub during the evening and teaching during the summer. I can’t imagine totally giving it up.

Meanwhile, I move forward and so far I am loving the path I’m on.

August 24, 2009

Exciting News

I have news. Exciting news. Well at least exciting news for me. However, I can’t share today. First I have to tie up some ends in the real world. Because it is the kind of news that people in your real life should hear before they read it in the virtual world. I know that I walk a very thin line of real world verses virtual world but believe it or not I try to make the real world come first. J

I try! I don’t always succeed but I try.

Instead of hearing my exciting news you get to read about my summer funk. Which I dealt with the same way I have dealt with many of my funks. I slipped into a good book and let the life in the story play out. Believe me it was much more entertaining than my real life.

I have literally spent the summer with my nose buried in a book. Reading no less than 50 books. Sad but true.

Among my favorite reads this summer was actually a reread. In about a weeks span I reread all the Harry Potter books. I was amazed at all the details I had forgotten and truly enjoyed reading them again. Rowling told a great story.

I tried to reread the Twilight books with no success. Either it has been to soon or once you know how it ends there is no suspense to pull you back into the story.

I am betting the latter. Please don’t send me hate mail. I’m just thinking that the books aren’t as great as I originally thought.

I can actually feel your hate right now.

It is kind of scary.

Okay, I take it back I LOVE TWILIGHT!

Please don’t hate me.

Anyway, my summer of reading is coming to a hault. Which has a lot to do with my news. J That I will be sharing soon, just not today.

Hey, look I am creating suspense. Maybe I can get a multi-million dollar book deal.

Huh… That’s just mean you should really think quieter

August 23, 2009

Be Brave

Maybe you have been wondering why this little blog has been gimping along. Maybe you have thought, "She sure isn't posting as frequently as she use to." You have maybe even thought, from the few post that I have posted, "She is busy and the kids are home and that is why this little blog is gimping along."

That is if you have thought about it. You might not have. Being as you have a life and it doesn't really center on my ramblings and me.

Sometimes I forget I’m not the center of the universe. ☺

Well I have been busy and the kids and the husband have been home and that has slowed me down a bit.

However, the truth of the mater is I have been enjoying a season of self-pity. I have walked around in a half funk and have not really wanted to deal.

Deal with life or my feelings, basically, I haven’t wanted to deal with anything.

Turns out that when I stop dealing I shut down. The more I shut down the more my life spirals in a direction that I wasn’t necessarily wanting to go.

Leading to a vicious cycle of more not wanting to deal and more spiraling.

Are you feeling dizzy yet?

I made myself a promise when I started this blog that I would be honest. Every moment of my life wouldn’t be fantastic and awesome. Also, I wouldn’t spend every day posting how non-fantastic and non-awesome my life is.

I wanted this blog to be positive but real.

Turns out it takes a lot of work for me to be positive all the time.

Who knew?

Yah, pretty much everyone who knows me in real life.

Well I have learned the fastest way to get myself out of a funk is to be BRAVE. This past week I was brave. I did something that took all the guts and courage that this girl has. You know what happened?

It worked. It totally worked and life is turning around and I feel the not wanting to deal parts of me starting to wake up. Which leaves me with only one last thing to say.

I’m back, I’m totally back.

Aren’t you lucky?

Yah, yah, I know the universe doesn’t center around me.

August 19, 2009

Posting Bail

The final countdown to the start of school has began.

One moment I can't wait and the next moment I could stand another week or two of summer. Those moments usually are centered around the mood of my household. What is about too much time off that cause children to be so cantankerous?

I am still struggling with the idea that S. will be in a whole new school. Entering a whole new stage of life. I feel old. Well not exactly old but I am defiantly starting to feel seasoned.

Brent has been home pretty much all summer work is reallllllllllyyyyyy slow. More than one fight has erupted between the two of us as he follows me around asking me, "Why?"

I finally have come to understand the reason to all of his, "Whys?" Because I have been doing this for 12 years and this is what works best. I don't exactly remember why it works best but is does. Then we fight because he thinks another way would work better. I don't want to try another way because I already know this way works. Also, eventually you will go back to work and I like it better the way I do it.

(Then I growl like a Bear and give a whole new meaning to PMS)

Let me tell you unemployment is not good. Not only because the bank account is shedding tears but mom plus dad plus four kids all summer long is the making of a bad stew.

Please pray that the economy improves quickly.

Or I just need my own kind of bail out.

August 12, 2009



H h h e e l l l l oooooo!

Oh Hi!

Yes, the writer of this blog has been a bit sporadic. Most likely because she has been a bit frantic! Frantically trying to accomplish one to many things before summer ends. Which is in a mere week and a half.


If it wasn't bad enough that the summer is creeping to an end soccer is starting. Which wouldn't be a bad thing if my bro, who was going to coach my son's team, had not been transferred to Texas. Leaving me holding the proverbial coaches whistle.

I swear if one person laughs I'm going...

I'm going to....

I'm going to join right in. What the heck did I get myself in to?

Added to this stress is the whole back to school shopping.

Apparently my soon to be 7th grader believes she needs to look good for school. Also, apparently "Daddy's Girl," "I Love My Mom," and "Boy's are Gross!" Are not the kind of shirts soon to be 7th graders where.


My soon to be 5th grader son thinks his jeans are all to short and last time he checked boy's don't wear Capri's. Talking him into starting a new trend has not worked. Again I have to say WHATEVER!

My soon to be 4th grader could care less that school is going to start and is only concerned that she will not be allowed to sleep in. While I can sympathise and full heartily agree that we need more sleep in days there is NO WAY she is going to be allowed to stay home.

The youngest is just way to excited to escape the nest and spend all day at school. Though he has mentioned it would be better if he didn't have to do that learning stuff while he was gone.

So the day's keep zooming past. Making me feel like somebody is hitting a fast forward button. If it is you please stop or at least hit pause every now and then.

August 03, 2009

Is he Nuts?

We spent the entire weekend at the Utah Long Course Jr. Olympics. It was an exciting, intense, fun and tiring weekend. One great thing about the pool that host the JO's is the facility. It is an awesome facility with so much for the whole family to do and watch. The kids not swimming end up enjoying their experience as much as the ones swimming.

This year was A.'s first year participating in the JO's and he did an awesome job for his first time. However, once he was finished swimming he couldn't wait to try out the diving platforms. A. took a couple of leaps off the shortest of the three platforms before he took a leap off the second one.

This is him all the way up there.


I mean all the way. Twenty Four and a Half Feet in the Air.





Touch Down.


He loved it and kept it up all night. I think because he didn't have his glasses on and couldn't see all the way to the bottom. Or maybe he is just braver than I.

As a matter of fact Al. and H. took a leap off the first one. Those pics tomorrow. Crazy Kids