August 29, 2009

Busy Days!

Amazing enough we survived the first week of school.

Well I guess to most that isn't really an amazing task.

However, our schedule this week with all the back to school stuff and all the regular stuff made for a chaotic week.

Our first monster is walking the halls of Jr. High. Back to school night reminded me all to well how much fun Jr. High can be. (You should really read that last sentence with as much sarcasm as you can muster.) From one class to the next we moved and as we listened to the teacher's talk there were a few things I couldn't help to notice.

First, most of S.'s girl friends spent the summer growing and growing and growing. They all look remarkably different than they did at the end of the school year.

Second, this growth did not take place in any of the boy's. In fact A. who is in 5th grade this year was with us and could have easily been mistaken for a 7th grade boy.

Which made me smile. Boy's the same size as her little brother should not be an issue. I'm hoping!

We have already experienced a moment or two of drama. I guess you aren't a true teenager girl if you don't have drama. So much fun (Insert dripping sarcasm, again)!

Another funny side note at the Jr. High parent meeting. My friends and I hid under the table as they tried to get parents to join and participate in PTA.

For the time being we are pretending we have no idea what PTA is.

I'm placing bets on who will be the first of us to cave. I'm betting Tanya!

Meanwhile, everyone is settling back into the elementary schedule. H. is doing awesome and enjoying all day school. I am getting my feet under me. Really looking forward to working with the kids and starting school myself in just a little over two weeks.

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Willow said...

When the kindergarteners were dismissed on Friday, Zach's teacher announced to the waiting parents, "1 week down, 35 to go!!"

Good news, summer is only 35 weeks away!

I start school this week too. After 10 weeks of class and 1 CPR test, I should officially be a fully credentialed teacher. No, I don't plan to go back to teaching any time soon, but if I don't finish whithin a year's time I'll have to start over.... time to get 'er done!!