August 03, 2009

Is he Nuts?

We spent the entire weekend at the Utah Long Course Jr. Olympics. It was an exciting, intense, fun and tiring weekend. One great thing about the pool that host the JO's is the facility. It is an awesome facility with so much for the whole family to do and watch. The kids not swimming end up enjoying their experience as much as the ones swimming.

This year was A.'s first year participating in the JO's and he did an awesome job for his first time. However, once he was finished swimming he couldn't wait to try out the diving platforms. A. took a couple of leaps off the shortest of the three platforms before he took a leap off the second one.

This is him all the way up there.


I mean all the way. Twenty Four and a Half Feet in the Air.





Touch Down.


He loved it and kept it up all night. I think because he didn't have his glasses on and couldn't see all the way to the bottom. Or maybe he is just braver than I.

As a matter of fact Al. and H. took a leap off the first one. Those pics tomorrow. Crazy Kids

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Becky Smith said...

With or without my glasses, I would NEVER be as brave as your son! :-) Good for him!