August 19, 2009

Posting Bail

The final countdown to the start of school has began.

One moment I can't wait and the next moment I could stand another week or two of summer. Those moments usually are centered around the mood of my household. What is about too much time off that cause children to be so cantankerous?

I am still struggling with the idea that S. will be in a whole new school. Entering a whole new stage of life. I feel old. Well not exactly old but I am defiantly starting to feel seasoned.

Brent has been home pretty much all summer work is reallllllllllyyyyyy slow. More than one fight has erupted between the two of us as he follows me around asking me, "Why?"

I finally have come to understand the reason to all of his, "Whys?" Because I have been doing this for 12 years and this is what works best. I don't exactly remember why it works best but is does. Then we fight because he thinks another way would work better. I don't want to try another way because I already know this way works. Also, eventually you will go back to work and I like it better the way I do it.

(Then I growl like a Bear and give a whole new meaning to PMS)

Let me tell you unemployment is not good. Not only because the bank account is shedding tears but mom plus dad plus four kids all summer long is the making of a bad stew.

Please pray that the economy improves quickly.

Or I just need my own kind of bail out.


Race Fam said...

That's why Heavenly Father invented jobs, so that a husband and wife can get a break from eachother! A couple of years ago Brad was home for about 6 months because he was injured, and let me tell you, we both got on eachothers nerves! I hope things pick up soon for you, good luck!

Sharla said...

This takes me back to when my DH was a consultant and he was gone, gone every day of the week. Monday - Friday. Then suddenly he'd be home and home for weeks. Just when I'd figured out how to live without, I was suddenly forced to live with.. Definately makes the routine you know, difficult to have it turned on it's head.

It would seem that even when they go, at least the break is sufficient for us to appreciate them when they are home. However, if they are home and stay home, and then try to reorganize everything we have organized because they simply can do it better... well, you know what i'm saying.

"Kick him in the Shin!" The ouch and bounce alone will give you a breather.