August 12, 2009



H h h e e l l l l oooooo!

Oh Hi!

Yes, the writer of this blog has been a bit sporadic. Most likely because she has been a bit frantic! Frantically trying to accomplish one to many things before summer ends. Which is in a mere week and a half.


If it wasn't bad enough that the summer is creeping to an end soccer is starting. Which wouldn't be a bad thing if my bro, who was going to coach my son's team, had not been transferred to Texas. Leaving me holding the proverbial coaches whistle.

I swear if one person laughs I'm going...

I'm going to....

I'm going to join right in. What the heck did I get myself in to?

Added to this stress is the whole back to school shopping.

Apparently my soon to be 7th grader believes she needs to look good for school. Also, apparently "Daddy's Girl," "I Love My Mom," and "Boy's are Gross!" Are not the kind of shirts soon to be 7th graders where.


My soon to be 5th grader son thinks his jeans are all to short and last time he checked boy's don't wear Capri's. Talking him into starting a new trend has not worked. Again I have to say WHATEVER!

My soon to be 4th grader could care less that school is going to start and is only concerned that she will not be allowed to sleep in. While I can sympathise and full heartily agree that we need more sleep in days there is NO WAY she is going to be allowed to stay home.

The youngest is just way to excited to escape the nest and spend all day at school. Though he has mentioned it would be better if he didn't have to do that learning stuff while he was gone.

So the day's keep zooming past. Making me feel like somebody is hitting a fast forward button. If it is you please stop or at least hit pause every now and then.


Willow said...

I can only imagine the misery of back-to-school shopping. Both my boys will be at uniform schools. I cannot sing loudly enough in praise of school uniforms. Our discussions about school clothes amount to "do you want khaki or navy shorts? With or without pockets?" That's it... oh, they also get the choice of navy or white shirts.

Last year, in an attempt to express his individuality (I use that fairly faciously), Gordon decided to choose shoes based on how colorful the sole was. Yep, my kid didn't bother to look at the shoe, just the sole. Ahhhh, I love school uniforms. . . and fashion oblivious boys.

Like your youngest, Zachary is THRILLED to start school. Each day he strokes his backpack and checks his pencil pouch to make sure the tips are still sharp. He tells me all the "awesome" things he knows that he'll be able to tell his teacher. I guess it is time to correct the ass-mosphere vs. AT-mosphere misunderstanding. Or, I suppose I could let her get a huge laugh over assmosphere, but that's not very nice for Zach. =)

Brock said...

BOO! Boycot school! Ok, maybe I'm a little excited....

Willow, doesn't everyone choose a shoe based on the look of it sole? If not, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone in this!

Willow said...

Brock, I have been known to check out the sole of a shoe, but I have foolishly been looking at the construction of the sole -- does it have tread? Would the heal be slippery and kill me? etc.

Gordon chose his shoes not for tread, but for color. The shoes he chose were green and orange on the sole. He was in love (the upper of the shoe was completely plain)!! So, if you are buying based on the color of the sole.... you are certainly not alone. You have some darling company with you there. =)