September 07, 2009


I wear contacts. Most days I have my contacts in for close to 16 hours. Most nights my contacts come out after a 1/2 hour of my eyes yelling, "That's enough! Get these things out." My eyes itch, water and burn until I finally take them out.

Once the contacts are out I am instantly plunged into a fuzzy wuzzy world. Everything becomes non-descript and takes on a basic fuzzy shape. Except for small things. Small things simply disappear all together. Small things like eye glasses.

Eye glasses that I need in order to see. Every night I go through the same routine of trying to hunt down my eye glasses AFTER I have taken my contacts out. Every night I ask myself WHY don't you find them before you take your contacts out?

I search high, most of the time I have left them on a dresser, night stand or bathroom counter. I search low I have been known to throw them on the floor after reading at night. Most of the time under the bed so I don't accidentally step on them.

What is most amusing about this hunt is I can't see a darn thing. Most of the time my hands pass within inches of said glasses. I end up moving on to the next stop with the glasses remaining in place at the last spot.

Some of you are asking, Why I don't leave them in the same spot each night? I don't know I guess for the same reason I don't find them when I can still see. Again, I don't know the answer to that question.

The end result is I spend a good 1/2 hour every night stumbling around the house looking for the suckers. Now ask me why my husband and kids don't help.

I know the answer to that.

They think it is dang funny to watch mom stumble around for a 1/2 hour every night.


Scott and Stacy said...

I read this one out loud to Scott and the kids. We all got a good laugh. I didn't know your eye were that bad. That would be funny to see.

Louise said...

LOL Krissi. Why don't you get a handful of those cheapish reading glasses and place them in strategic places around the house?

Have a great day - and I hope you find your glasses tonight :o)