September 15, 2009

Don't Do It


Never ask your family the following sentence:

If I were an animal I'd be a (Blank) because (Blank).

For my first day with the 3rd and 4th grade students I decided to do this activity, where you say, "If I were an animal I'd be a (Blank) because (Blank)." I wanted to give them all time to think about it and to understand what I was asking so I went to my family and asked them the question. That way I would have a few examples for the kids.

The responses they gave me are still brewing in my head.

Me: So I want you to answer this question about me. If I were an animal I'd be a (blank) because (blank).

Husband: I'm answering this about you.

Me: Yes, about me.

Husband: Oh that's easy. If you were an animal you would be a bull.


Husband: A bull. If you were an animal you would be a bull.

Me: (silently glaring, silently thinking what kind of husband calls his wife a bull?) Why would I be a bull?

Husband: (Look in eyes saying oh crap how do I get myself out of this) ummm... well... because... ummm... you take everything head on. You charge the situation you jump in and handle everything.

Me: I'm pretty sure I've been insulted I'm just not sure how.

Husband: No it's a good thing, really.

So as if that conversation didn't awaken enough conflict I went to my seventh grader and asked her the same question.

7th Grader: You, Oh that is easy your a Lion.

Me: A LION! What is up with you people? Why would you say I'm a Lion?

7th Grader: Because your a leader mom. (Rolling her eyes, and using that grin that tells me she is totally lying.)

I still haven't decided if my husband thinking I'm a bull and my daughter thinking I'm a lion is a good thing. Does this mean I'm to aggressive? Does this mean they view me as a predator ready to pounce? Sometimes, I think I would be smarter not to ask my family what they think.


Angie said...

That is HILARIOUS! Don't ever ask your husband any questions like that. Ever. :) I think you're more like a teddy bear. Though that's not technically an animal. Hmmm, how about a cute little puppy? No? Well, according to your Chinese horoscope, I believe you are a rabbit. So, I'll go with that.

Sharla said...

I think it says they know your are "TYPE A" or Color Code = RED

I see nothing bad about either answer. I mean, think of an animal you'd prefer to be called... Like a Giraffe, because maybe you can wrap your tongue up and around an object say your husbands...nose... and then oh yes you could peel out everything from within said nose and quickly eat it..

What I'm getting at is... there is NOTHING wrong with having been a BULL or a LION! :)