September 14, 2009

First Day

Today was my first day of work with the kids. Guess what? I'm tired! I'm exhausted! I feel like I just rode a bike a 100 miles. It was fun and the kids are great but oh my gosh I'm tired.

Did I mention I was tired?

This working stuff is a lot of work.

Kids, well they're kids.

(Bet you read this blog just to read the obvious)

They are totally random. Trying to keep them on task is like trying to keep a puppy from chewing.


The ideas that come out of their heads. Umm, okay!

Was I like that?

Are my kids like that?

Don't answer that I already know the answer. I just don't particularly like the answer.

Then there are the names, PARENTS!!!! What are you thinking? There is one child that I am going to call Whoseit all year because I cannot pronounce his name.

Which is obviously my problem and not his being as he told me how to say it 12 times.

Then I had to ask the 6th graders what they are reading because I'm cool and I know all about books.

Except for that one, and that one, and I haven't heard of that one, and I didn't know that one had a new one.

I have so much work to do!

Which makes me tired. I'm tired.

I need to go reserve some books at the library. That one and that one and definitely that one.

1 comment:

Willow said...

My sister teaches... one of her students last year was named Clit-tasia. No, I am not joking... no, it is not a lie. My sister has also had a student named Twattineesha.

My friend is a Labor and Delivery nurse... she once delivered a set of twins which the parents named Malicious and Bubbalicious. You know, becuase one twin is always naughty...

Yeah, some people shouldn't be allowed to name children.

Oh, and I say this knowing that my cute husband would love to name a child Frederick Ulysses Moore. He thinks it would be great to have the initials F.U. Moore.

Yeah, we shouldn't be allowed to name children either. =)