September 12, 2009

Loose Tooth Drama

Tooth Drama. Never in my life would I think I would have loose tooth drama. However, it is becoming obvious that my dear little Al has a loose tooth phobia. I can't tell you how much tooth drama it is causing. Before yesterday Brent had been forced to pull three loose teeth from her mouth. The last tooth he pulled out had turned a nice color of gray before we were able to get it out. The result of pulling the teeth has been escalating drama. I don't even want to tell you how it took me and Brent both to get the last one out. One of us was holding her down the other yanking it out. Her fear of losing teeth has caused her to make sure she doesn't wiggle any loose teeth, which includes lightly brushing her teeth and carefully eating. It is a lot of drama.

Yesterday, was even more drama as a loose tooth lost a filling. Al was left with a very loose, very broken tooth. Which she swore up and down hurt. I was suspicious, figuring that there were probably no roots or nerves left in the tooth. However, I was not in the mood for tooth drama and something had to be done. I called the dentist and set up an appointment to take her in.

Once we were at the dentist office I explained the situation. I told them about the broken, loose, decaying tooth. They didn't even need an ex-ray because her ex-rays from May showed that there was no root. The ex-rays from May showed that the tooth should have already fallen out. Are you getting yet the extent she goes through NOT to loose a tooth. The dentist asked her if it hurt.

She said, "No it is fine, can I go now?"

The Dentist said, "Now Al don't you want us to get that tooth out?"

She said, "Nope, I'm good c-ya."

Then I tackled her into the chair and they slipped the laughing gas on to her nose. Kid's on laughing gas. You got to love it.

Then the Dentist tried to ask her again if he could pull the tooth out. She was still not biting he tried every kind of kid psychology he had ever learned. She still said no. He finally gave up and asked me what I wanted to happen. I said yank the sucker. I also asked how many were left to come out. FOUR! Four, I had to live through 4 more loose baby teeth. Can I retire from this mom thing yet? I asked how close they were to coming out. He said they should have already come out.

He asked Al if she wanted him to take out more than the one. She said no! He tried every bit of kid psychology he had ever learned. She still said no. He finally gave up and asked me what I wanted to happen. I asked him to pull out the other eye tooth. Since the first one had turned a nice color of gray before we got it out. He agreed that it was a tuff tooth to loose and he would pull that one out.

Which leaves us with three baby teeth. Three teeth left to go when hopefully the drama of loose teeth will end. It is going to end, please tell me it is going to end.

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Kat O+ said...

I remember being scared of baby teeth falling out when I was a kid. My dad's stories of having had teeth tied with a string and connected to a doorknob and said door being slammed forcefully put things in perspective.