September 29, 2009

"A Million Miles in A Thousand Years" by Donald Miller

What kind of story are you living?

Is your life a good story?

Is it an epic story?

These are the questions that Donald Miller asks in his book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.”

Miller takes his reader’s through his own journey of turning his life into a better story. Actually, turning his life into the best story.

I am kind of a self-help book junkie. I love reading books that inspire me to be a better person. I love books that give me insight on how to live a better life. I love when a book is able to explain some of my, well, shall we say quirkiness.

However, I would be lying if I told you that I read every one of them cover to cover. Because the truth is often I loose interest or find myself overwhelmed with the changes that the book’s author is suggesting.

This was not true with Miller’s book. I’m not sure that the book is technically classified as a self-help book. It may be more in the genre of a great motivation book. Because from the first page that is how I felt, “motivated.”

From the first page Miller pulled me into his story and made me want a better story for myself. He made me appreciate the hardships my life goes through. He made me appreciate that through my challenges I create a better story. It is all in how we handle the challenges and the hardships.

Comparing our lives to the creation of a story he shows us that all great stories have a main character, a main character that has to over come something, a main character that does overcome, a main-character that becomes better because of the challenges.

I wish I were better at expressing how much I enjoyed Miller’s book and how much it changed my perspective on life challenges. I know that because of this because I feel more confident about the challenges my life currently faces. Because of this book I feel that how I handle the challenges will either make for a good story or a bad one.

Because of Miller’s book I want to handle the challenges so that my life is a great story.

If you would like to purchase Miller's book click here.

As for the free one they gave me. I couldn't wait to give it away. That is how good the book was. I already gave it away. :)

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