September 23, 2009

Polly or Grizz?

Last night was my first night of school and the very first thing I learned was the six principles of effective leadership. It was a pretty good lecture with some interesting insight. The sixth principle was, "Be a Day Maker not a Day Breaker."

Do you know what that means? Because everyone in the room started to laugh and I just sat there kind of clueless.

Day Maker?

What is a day maker?

The professor soon explained that a day maker is a person who makes your day. You know who they are, that person who just makes you smile and be thankful.

Ohhhhh! Okay. I get that. Pollyanna!

He went on to ask us, if we went back in our lives and asked everyone we had ever met how they would rank us, how do you think we would do. One being a day breaker and a ten being a day maker.

That is when I laughed out loud.

Only no one else laughed.

I'm pretty sure I'm a 2.5 maybe a 3. Yah, I'm a 3. Pollyanna and I would probably not be friends. Except for maybe she would try to be my friend because that girl had away of wiggling herself into the lives of day breakers.

Only I'm pretty sure I would be her downfall. It is probably a fairly good thing that Pollyanna never met up with me.

I'm curious, how would you rank yourself. Are you a Pollyanna or a Grizzly? Personally, I'm all about the grizzly except it looks like for the next few weeks I am going to have to channel my inner Polly. Could be scary.


Willow said...

Um... you and Polly would definately be friends because you would make her laugh like crazy!!!! Sheesh, 2.5, whatever. I say you're at least an 8.

As for myself, lately I am a day breaker. Too much stress over school, dishes, laundry, Russ, kids, and a platypus costume. I don't sew; how the heck am I going to make a platypus costume?

Good luck in your happy class. I am sure you will do great!

Kathryn said...

Uh. What was the question again? Seriously, I'm probably a 9 to boys wud say I'm a 2. I don't care....I think I'm a 10!
Nice post! Thanks for the follow-

Me, Myself and I said...

Your background isn't showing up and I can't see the text. :( Oh well, I'll try later.