September 28, 2009

Reviewing Books

Tomorrow I will be posting my first ever book review.

Believe it or not the number one thing I love to do, “Read!”

The number one thing I hate to do, “Review Said Books.”

However, the lure of reading free books and books not yet released had me signing up with this company.

I review for Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers

Who sent me this book.


Actually, they sent me two.


With a note that said they were so sure I would love the book that I would want to give one away.

My cynical brain thought they were pretty cocky. I don’t just like any old book. Maybe I would hate it and then they wasted not one but two books on me.

Turns out they knew what they were talking about. I LOVED THE BOOK!

However, this is kind of like a paid post. They did give me two books and all and they have rules. Including, not posting a post about the book until tomorrow. Turns out that is the day the book is released. So you have to wait to read my first ever book review.

Be kind, be gentle and remember. I loved said book.

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Me, Myself and I said...

Does it have to do with biking? Would Wendy like it? Anywho - glad you're getting swag from the site - that's awesome.