September 17, 2009

Setting Goals

I have decided that I have a very unique way of accomplishing goals.

First, I make a goal. Usually something completely out of character. Something way to difficult and something that I should not be doing.

Second, I figure out how I am going to accomplish this out of character, difficult, should have left it alone goal.

Third, I work toward the goal, the whole time grumbling, complaining, whining, and defeating myself at every turn, angle and way.

Fourth, I get towards the end and realize I have worked to hard, spent to much time and energy focusing on the goal not to complete the goal and think to myself, "Ahh Hell (I tried to think of a non-swear word but honestly this is what I say to myself), I might as well finish."

Fifth, Goal accomplished

You know what I am figuring out. I make my life very difficult. I'm pretty sure other people accomplish goals without all the drama.

Maybe, don't quote me on this, but maybe Al gets her drama from her mother.


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