September 09, 2009

So Pretty

The garden post have been on the light side this summer.

I bet your disappointed.

I bet every time you have logged on to this blog you have hoped for a garden post.

I bet the lack of garden post has saddened you.

Well don't fret. I'm not one to disappoint, sadden or dash hopes. In response to your many, many emails I am posting garden picks.

(Ok, I haven't received even one email, but I'm pretty sure you have been meaning to email, I'm pretty sure you have just been busy, I'm pretty sure that you were going to do it today.)


This year I tried a few new flowers and overall I have been pretty happy.

One of my favorites has been the Dahlia.


Very frilly and feminine. Makes me feel like a girl just looking at it.


A very close second is this cute little flower. This is a 4 o'clock. The blooms open up in the late afternoon and stay open until the sun hits them the next day.


Sunflower. Not exactly a new flower to our yard but this was a little different than the ones we have planted in the past.


I have been calling this flower fuzzy wuzzy.


Aren't you glad I listened to all your emails? Well the emails that you were going to send. :)

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