October 13, 2009

Bug Net

At the beginning of 7th grade I bought my daughter a bug net.

That’s right I bought her a bug net so that she could go out and catch bugs.

One of those ironies that all mom’s live with I have never bought any of my kids a bug net.

Because they catch BUGS with those nets and they bring them into the house and show them to you.


Hence, no bug nets.

However, S.’s 7th grade Science teacher wanted all the kids to put together a bug collection. Bugs that they personally caught. Bugs that they froze. Bugs that they stabbed with little pins then classified.



As little bugs lay frozen in MY freezer we come to find that if you pull them out of the freezer to soon they come back to life.

Meaning I did not have DEAD bugs in my freezer. I had SLEEPING bugs in my freezer.

The Bug assignment is done.

Thank Goodness.

Only three more 7th graders to go.


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