October 05, 2009


Today I feel grumpy.

Today I feel like I could kick a puppy and not even feel bad.

Except I probably would feel bad and that would make me feel even more grumpy.

Why are Mondays so BLAHH?

We had a nice long weekend and now the thought of getting up and going. . .

Makes me GRUMPY!

Okay, I'm done. I'm going to work on being optimistic.

I'm optimistic that today is a Blahhh day!

Definitely going to be one of these days.

Comic found on this site. Check it out for a few umm. . . smiles.


Race Fam said...

Sorry for your blah day! I actually enjoy Monday's. The kids have been around each other all weekend and they need a break from each other, so Monday's are heaven for me!

Krissi said...

Testing! Testing! Testing!