October 26, 2009

Mother of the Year

So far working at the same place the kids go to school has been an adventure.

The beginning of the year I was handed the testing scores for all 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders. Then I had to go through the scores and sort out the top 10% of all students. Do you want to know how much it sucks to know all that information about children you know personally. Not to mention the lines you make cutting kids out of SEM only to notice one tiny percent difference.

Then last week there was an incident in school that involved my 5th grader two other boys and the principals office. We will just leave that story alone.

However, none of that tops what happened today. I was sitting at my desk getting ready for the next group when I hear H.'s teacher yelling for me.

"Kristi, Kristi I have a child throwing up!"

As I watch her scurry past me with a child's head in a trash can.

"What? My child is throwing up?"


I followed them into the sick room where she informed me that he had just thrown up all over his desk and she had to get back to her class.

When he pulled his head out of the trash can he said he was fine.

With less than 15 minutes until the next group showed up I raced him home, turned on the TV, put the phone right next to him, left Izzy in the room with him.

Ran back to the school, checked him out for the day, hustled my next group back to their classroom.

Cancelled the group after that, checked a second child out who said his stomach hurt, went into the first child's classroom to grab his backpack and homework.

While grabbing his stuff a few of the more charming boy first graders preceded to make gagging noises.


Ran home where the little guy was watching Scooby Doo and couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Should I tell him about the gagging noises in his class?

Anyway, I know that moms have these adventures all the time but it is just weird when it is happening at the same place you work.

Is it bad to admit that I am actually looking forward to school tonight and letting Brent deal with all the upset stomaches?

I really deserve the,"Mother of the Year award" don't I?


Heather Bowles said...

Yes, I got all kinds of details from Korben on H's puking. It was on the desk but it just missed so and so and it got on the floor and our room was stinky after.

I hope he is feeling better soon.

trpbeck said...

Poor H! :( Hope he feels better soon. None of my precious k's are making gagging noises, right???!

Krissi said...

Heather, Lucky you getting to hear all the gory details. The best part about being a boy mom.