October 27, 2009

Weird Scowley Face Girl

Last night was the first night of a new class. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate starting something new. First of all I walk into the classroom right smack dead in a good ole Mormon bashing conversation.

The one thing you find out pretty quick living in Utah you are either Mormon or you hate Mormons. This is what you call generalizing, learned that last night in my culture and diversity class. Anyway, lets just say Utah has some extremes.

I went in sat down and just shook my head the conversation was ridiculous. The subject of the course is interesting, we do live in a diverse world, we do need to accept and deal with the diversity, diversity is not a bad thing, so I see the point of the class.

Last night I witnessed what happens when you put too much caffeine in a small body. This woman would not be quiet she went on and on and took every conversation way to far. Then she would stop take a breath take a sip of coffee and keep going. She told all kinds of stories peppered with all kinds of language.

I don't think that being in academic situation it is to much to ask to not to use swear words.

Then the professor would ask another question and off she went again. I'm blaming it on the caffeine. I don't even think she realized how much she talked. I talk a lot. I know I talk to much. Heavens read this blog I TALK TOO MUCH. But this I have never seen anything like this. I think that caffeine should have a caution sign.

"May cause extreme irritation to others."

Just so you know this is, "The first night of class Krissi is annoyed she has to start something new post." Probably by this time next week I will love Caffeine girl. She was probably wondering why I kept growling at her last night. Thinks that I am weird scowley face girl.


Jared and Emily said...

Wow! That does not sound so much fun! Especially when our class was so great together!I am now actually interested in that class now, instead of annoyed I have to take it.

trpbeck said...

Krissi, I loved this post! I know all too well what you're talking about. Hope class gets better!

Krissi said...

Emily, well I at least had Mike and Tiffany. Even though Tiffany hit me everytime a growned when the lady would start talking. So rude. :)

Tracy, it is a flex class so the good news only one more day of face time. The material the class is covering is interesting. So I shouldn't whine.