December 10, 2009

Movie, Popcorn, and Girlfriends

Last week I had the opportunity to go and see New Moon. It was a great night filled with popcorn and friends. It was a lot of fun to sit in the theater with my friends and watch a cheesy but fun movie.

Yes, we all should have our hands slapped because when those cute wolf boys walked on screen... Well goodness, we are to old to have the thoughts we were having. Thanks girls for the fun night. You probably have no clue how much it means to me to have you all as friends.

All in all New Moon may not be War and Peace but it served the purpose for a fun night. I have to admit I am sucker for the soundtrack. My favorite song on the album is "Possibility" by Lykke Li. I love unique voices Macy Gray, Imogen Heap and Natalie Maines are just a few of the singers I like because of their unique sound.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't have a decent video of the song so I pulled this one, "Satellite Heart," by Anya Marina. A close second favorite.

Anyway if you haven't seen New Moon grab your favorite WereWolf Loving friend, grab some popcorn and enjoy.


Angie said...

Krissi!!!!! I totally agree with "Possibility" My absolute favorite on the soundtrack. Brilliant song.

I too am a sucker for the soundtrack. I heard it wasn't as good as the first, but I think I like it better. Anyway. Listening to Possibility right now. My fave. You have good taste. Well, of course. You are my friend.

Heather Bowles said...

That was a fun night!