December 01, 2009


I have decided the thing I miss most about being a kid during the holidays is the suspense.

Every day in December seemed to drag on and on forever. Paper chains and little cardboard boxes of chocolates slowly tracked the days until Christmas morning.

My stomach tied up in knots and little butterflies danced around in anticipation for Christmas day.

My brothers and I were not the type to stay out of the Christmas present stash. The beginning of every holiday season meant the hunt was on. Under the stairs, in the trunk of the car, the far reaches of the closet, down under the bed. No nook or cranny was safe. My mom finally surrendered to our never-ending noisiness and invested in a lock and key.

With stealth that even James Bond would admire my little brother managed to lift the key and ride to the store on his bike, get a copy, and return it to my mom’s purse.

She never knew.

Okay, well she probably knew. Moms always know. However, she pretended not to know.

No matter how much we snooped each year she managed a surprise or two. All of that suspense and wonder tied up into the magical month of December.

Parents work hard to produce all that magic.

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful memory!
My husband's mom had a great idea that kept him from looking. She told him that if he ever found his presents, she would return them. My kids aren't anxious like that, yet. But I'll be using that tactic when they do start getting curious.