December 18, 2009

This Poor Little Blog

I'm here really I am here and yet I am hardly ever here.

This is what happens when you have three birthdays the week of Christmas. You take the stress of Christmas and throw on top of it three birthdays.

One only has only to ask? What the heck were we thinking?

Tomorrow is S's birthday followed the next day by A.'s birthday followed by a Christmas Eve party of ummm oh 40 guest followed by Christmas a couple days later by H.'s birthday followed by a swim meet for A. and the next day a swim meet for S. Followed by New Years Eve, followed by.....

I'm handling it really I am handling it only my life is some what in disarray and finding time to sit and blog when there are presents to buy, birthdays to figure out, cookies to bake, laundry to laundry, work to work and school to school and don't forget kids to parent. Leaves one depleted beyond measure. CRAZY!!!

However, that being said tomorrow is my day to participate in the Advent calendar hosted by two of my favorite blogs. So sometime tonight if I manage to keep my sanity in check I will be posting and participating in one of my favorite blog events. :)

Merry Christmas

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