January 04, 2010

Happy Life

I really should quit being such a Debbie Downer because today turned out to be a fairly decent day. The kids were all great and today was pretty fun.

My fifth grade group made paper airplanes. Of course we had to learn something so we learned all about what makes a plane fly and about how airplane wings are shaped and the laws that keep the plane in the air. Then we threw airplanes all over the place.

I told all of them to make sure they looked like they were learning and not having fun. Every time a teacher walked by they would look all serious.

It made me laugh, what else do I need to make Monday a little less awful.

Reading through my reader today I came across the following picture on one of my favorite blogs Quiet Life.

One of those pictures that just says it all don't you think?

Prayers and Hugs


Kathryn said...

Absolutely! Words to live by. We'll never get this time back...there has to be a balance to everything!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing that - I needed the reminder! :)