January 16, 2010

One Hand or the Other

Sometimes the events in your life are not pleasant.

In fact, sometimes they are just down right ugly.

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for the unpleasantness that other people dump into your life.

There are times that I would be perfectly happy to escape to an island and live with only my family all on our lonesome.

But then S. rolls her eyes at me and I change my mind.

Honestly, how many times can she do that before they stick?

I'm not entirely sure what lessons I am suppose to learn when the garbage from other people starts piling up?

This week I have received council that goes from one end of the extreme to the next.

On one hand I have actually been encouraged to press police charges. Not only to press charges but I have been given enough evidence that they would probably stick.

On the other hand I have been told that I should be Christ like, forgive, and feel sorry that someone is going through a hard time.

I am sorry that someone is going through a hard time.

However, how long do I let it affect my life? Correction, how long do I let it affect the life of my child? Do I believe my child is in immediate harm? No. Do I believe that my child is in potential harm? Yes.

We live in a scary world.

I am revisiting the idea of that island.

Then I circle back to the idea that our lives aren't suppose to be perfect. We have lessons to learn and things to do. As for my child well she/he is being a trooper and there is actual confusion and sympathy. There is also a total lack of fear.

So for now I am going to worry, fret and do my darnedest to be sympathetic.

Just not sure how long that is going to last.

Prayers and Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

I think your number one priority is to protect your child. That's your job as a momma.

Forgiveness is something that happens in the heart, it has nothing to do with consequences. God forgives us, but that does not mean he always removes us from the consequences of our sin. In fact he frequently does not, which is how we are sanctified.

So you can forgive this person. But that doesn't mean sit still. If someone rearended my car, I would forgive them, but I would still expect them to pay for the damages. And if they were drunk when it happened, then I would expect them to go to jail as well.

If your child is in danger, ACT. Don't choose to protect the other person avoiding the consequences of their sin over protecting your child.