January 05, 2010

Reaping Happiness?

My hope is that in about 15 minutes there will be enough hot water for me to take a shower and get ready for work.

I'm not holding my breath.

With a family of six there is never enough hot water.

Especially, when your the last one in, after everyone else has showered, the washer has been started and the dishwasher loaded.

BUT. . .

My house is clean or at least resembles clean, I have been to the gym, eaten a healthy breakfast, kicked four kids out the door, and a husband and am blogging.

Honestly as much as I hate getting up and going to the gym in the mornings I am 100% more productive. I get twice as much done and start out the day feeling so much better about life.

Why does something I hate so much have such good consequences?

Why can't getting up at 9 and eating chocolate for an hour reap happiness.

Life is so backwards at times.

You may or may not have noticed my little accountability list on my side bar. I am going to track my workouts on the blog. If you notice that I stop working out just remind me chocolate bad, workouts good. Then run because I have a tendency to growl when people tell me things I don't want to hear but need to hear.

Would that be one of those things that would fall under the category of improving my attitude? Oh well, I'm off to shiver through a cold a shower.

Prayers and Hugs

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

You've changed the name! You've changed...everything! It's very peaceful here....I think I'll take a nap.

Wait. That's not what you want to hear!

An ice-cold shower will also work in getting you moving, sweetie! And I know what you mean about hating something that feels so good...I'm always noticing that those joggers on the side of the road do NOT look like they're in ecstasy!