February 28, 2010

"The Talk"

The stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday, my 13 year-old-daughter had a scoliosis check at school. According to her, nurses came to the school and gave the test.

As she was walking me through the process, I had flashbacks of my own. How I hated those test.

Half way through her story, she stops and tells me that the Nurse said, “You have very broad shoulders for a girl. I don’t think I have ever seen a girl with as broad of shoulders as you.”

My 13-year-old daughter stopped looked at me and said, “What does that mean, Mom?”

In my mind I answered, “It means that you had an idiot for a nurse. Who obviously has no clue how deadly words like those are for a young girl.”

Then we had the talk.

Okay, you’re asking what does, “the talk” have to do with stupid nurses. Well there is, “the talk” when you are talking about, “it.” Then there is the talk that my mom had to have with me, and now in return I get to have with my daughter.

The talk starts out with reality check. When God was handing out dainty genes, we took a pass. We are big women. We are Amazon Goddess. I have heard people say there is no such thing as big bones but that is a bunch of bull. At my skinniest which was pretty darn skinny I still wore man size jewelry.

I stand almost 5’10” and if I were my ideal weight it would be somewhere around 180. For most women that is obese for me that is tiny. At 13, my daughter is only a couple of inches shy of my 5’10” and today we both reached our arms up as far as we could and she outreached me.

She is a swimmer, so yes over the years she has developed some fairly, impressive muscles in her upper body. Is my daughter tiny? Nope, not at all. What do you expect? As I said I am 5’10” both my brothers are taller than 6’4.” We come from a hardy stock of Germans. I guess I kind of wondered what it would be like if some of my husband’s family genes came sneaking in. The women in his family tend to be a little less Amazon. That does not seem to be in the cards.

Meanwhile, we are held up to a standard of beauty that would require shrinking in all kinds of impossible ways.

I had to share with my daughter all of the stupid things people have said to me over the years. Have they hurt, well yah. Then I had to share with her my own struggles about weight and learning to be healthy. I ended by saying this.

“If I spend my entire life looking in the mirror and hating what I see I will miss all that is beautiful about me. I will also be wasting a lot of time wishing for something that is never going to happen”

She gave me that famous teenage sneer. I gave her my mom smirk. Which I will give to her again on the day that she has, “the talk” with her daughter.

Hugs and Prayers

February 27, 2010

"Here is the rainbow I've been Prayin' for"

The sun is shining!

The glorious, wonderful, bright, beautiful sun is shining.

Sometimes, I am amazed at how long we Utahn’s survive without sun.

My life in general is full of lots of bright shinny news.

First, Brent was recalled to the railroad. He is not back full time yet but the outlook is good.
AND we have benefits again. That in itself is worthy of happy dancing.

Second, I am nearing completion of my fourth class and by the end of my next class; I will have less than two years before graduation. Again, I am doing the happy booty dance.

Third, it is sunny. Just in case, you missed how excited I was about that.

Fourth, we bought a second car. It is not going to win any points for world’s greatest cars but it is a second car that drives. We have been a one-car family since August. Really, it has not been horrible but it has not been awesome either.

Fifth, Louise from Adori graphics just sent a sneak peak of my new blog template. It is so freaking cute I can hardly wait to start using it.

So life in general is pretty bright and that is all kinds of good. Who couldn’t use all the good they can get? Now everybody, do the happy, booty shak'n, bright, bright happy day dance.

Hugs and Prayers

February 23, 2010

How Do I Stop This Thing?

If your lucky you have a person in your life that makes you laugh. I don't mean ha ha kind of laughing. I mean milk squirting out your nose kind of laughing. The kind of laughing that just makes your day better.

Willow has always been one of those people in my life. She makes me laugh she has always made me laugh. She has guts and courage and the kind of smile that just makes you want her as your friend. Over the past couple of years she has left comment after comment that had me giggling.

Yes giggling.

Finally at long last I have coaxed her out of the comment page and onto an actual post. One day she will start her own blog and become an over night success. Until that day I plan on stealing her talent.

Hey, what are friends for?

So without further ado here is the Beautifully Wicked Willow's "My Memory Monday," post.

Go ahead I dare you not to laugh. Leave comments it took a bit of coaxing people.

Now then, about my bike. Well, about my first bike, I am fairly certain that few want to hear about the two-wheeled nemisis begging to be ridden. My first bike, however, she was a beauty!

Flash back many, many years to my 7th Christmas. I had casually been dropping hints for months that I wouldn't mind if Santa brought a bike. My brother had a 10 speed, my sister had a nice set of wheels... but I had only an oversized trike. Yes, at 7 I was proudly (well, maybe not proudly) riding a huge Radio Flyer tricycle. It was bright red and went about as fast as a snail on a skateboard.... faster than a snail is regularly, but not fast at all. I was more than willing to trade my three wheels for a lovely two-wheeled bike.

That Christmas morning Alyssa, John, and I tip-toed out to the living room to see what Santa had brought for us. It was about 2am, Santa had always delivered to our house by 2:00. To our horror, there was nothing there.... NOTHING! Sure family gifts surrounded the base of our ribbon and twinkle light adorned tree, but there were no Santa toys, presents, or anything of the sort. I quickly turned on my much older siblings and firmly placed blame on them for their naughty behavior. After all, *I* was the good kid. A few minutes of kerfuffle later, we all went to bed fairly dejected.

Knowing that only coal awaited us, we were in no hurry to get out of bed. We stayed in bed until somewhere around 9:00. By then our stomachs were complaining, and we decided to face our Christmas of coal. However, there was no coal. There were toys from Santa... everything we had hinted at and hoped for. We walked around in wonder -- we had been good kids, who knew?

At first I didn't see it. It was tucked between the tree and our piano. However, I caught a glimpse of a white tire.... then a second white tire. Then I saw, in all of its pink and purple glory, the most beautiful, girly bike in all creation. It was pastell pink with purple accents and had the largest, longest, whitest banana seat I had ever seen! My new bike was gorgeous!!

Still in my pajamas, I begged my dad to teach me to ride. I knew the basick idea, but had never ridden on just two little wheels before (incidently, I had told Santa in a letter that big girls do use training wheels. Santa was kind enough to not bring training wheels for me). We went outside and Dad jogged along as I started to pedal tentatively. It was rough going at first, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. In under 15 minutes I was riding at record speed down my block. I flew past the neighbor's houses and as I approached the corner, I realized that Dad hadn't taught me to turn or stop. OH SNAP!! With only a few feet of sidewalk left, I did the only rational thing -- I veered into the grass and crashed... hard. I was skinned and bleeding, but who cares when you can ride that fast! The rest of the day was spent perfecting my riding skills and playing with my siblings.

Years later, Dad taught me how to drive. However, that time he taught me to turn and stop before I even started the engine.

February 22, 2010

My Memory Monday

This week, “My Memory Monday,” is all about your very first bike.
My first bike was candy apple red with a white banana seat.

Do you remember those banana seats?

I seem to recall that the bike had been carefully refurnished and at one point in time had belonged to my mom.

I really have no idea how old I was when I learned how to ride a bike. I know that I was living in the house my parents had built and I know that I was wearing shorts and a tank top.

In Utah that can only mean it was summer. No shorts, tank tops and flip-flops in the winter.

I have a memory of my dad running behind me holding on to the seat. I can recall the feeling of fear and giddiness as we rode down the street.

Being as I am a mom who has lived through four kids learning to ride their bikes I am pretty sure that I must have crashed and burned a time or two and I am sure that I had some fear. I was not what you would consider a brave child.

While the memory of that first bike and learning to ride is not precise, I do remember what it meant to have a bike.

Having a bike meant racing around the neighborhood a large pack of kids on wheels. Having a bike meant racing down the street, standing up on the pedals, and of course riding with no hands.

The trick of learning how to balance with your hands held up high, the tentative hands on, quick hands off, hands on, hands off, each time pulling your hands farther and farther from the handle bar.

My favorite trick was roller-skating while biking. In the neighborhood I grew up in a few houses had steep driveways. We would put on our roller skates sit on our bikes and cruise down the driveway.
As I am typing, I can feel the excitement of rushing down the driveway with absolutely no way to stop. We had not yet graduated to bikes with hand breaks. In fact, there was only two ways to stop, cruise until you ran out of speed or crash. It is probably a miracle that none of us was killed.

What was your first bike and what do you remember most about riding a bike?

Tomorrow the beautiful and wonderfully witty Willow will be posting her memories of her first bike.

Next week, elementary school. What memories stand out most in elementary school. I think this will be a two week post one for k-3 and one 4-6th. Pick a memory any memory from K-3 and share with us.

If you would like a link back to your post please leave a comment and I will create a link.

Prayers and Hugs

February 20, 2010

Pretty Soon. . .

This blog is going under a little bit of construction.

All behind the scenes so as of yet you have not noticed any changes.

Soon.. there will be changes and I am way excited.

A very talented graphic designer is in the process of building me, theSwimMom, Krissi, her very on template. One of the reasons that the snow has stayed on my blog a bit longer than I like.

Because you know that in real life, snow in February is EVIL.

I am very excited for the changes and I am looking forward to other changes that will be taking place over the next few weeks.

Including a guest poster, or the greatest maiden of honor you choose which title you like. She is beautiful and wicked. Two crucial requirements in my book. More on that to come.

In addition, I need to do some blessing post. I am not behind. Nope, that was my rule I did not get behind there were just going to be weeks that I was going to have to post a few or more.

Hope your enjoying your weekend.

Hugs and Prayers,

February 18, 2010

I Must! 2:02

Things I must do today.

I must do laundry. Tomorrow will not be happy day if I do not get some specific clothes washed. The boxers are washed maybe I should feel motivated to do more. I don’t! Have I mentioned how laundry is the bane of my existence.

• I must vacuum. 200 lb Indoor dogs require that you vacuum frequently. She is crashed on the front room rug. Vacuuming would wake her up and that is just rude.

I must do homework. So sick of math, very very sick of geometry, who cares about Pythagorean Theorems? Discussion questions posted, paper started, zero motivation to do more.

• Must pay bills. Have to love billpay but it kind makes me a big procrastinator. I hate late fees just because I don't hit send on time. I think I have a couple more days to hit send. I think. . .

I must clean my bathroom because it is gross. Woo Hoo, not gross anymore.

I must go to work. Done for the week please join me in a happy, happy, dance.

This list is starting to depress me. I haven't felt great this week and all that has happened is life has piled up around me. I need a maid, a personal homework doer, a....well a clone might work.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday. What are you procrastinating today?

Prayers and Hugs

I Must!

Things I must do today.

  • I must do laundry. Tomorrow will not be happy day if I do not get some specific clothes washed.

  • I must vacuum. 200 lb Indoor dogs require that you vacuum frequently.

  • I must do homework. So sick of math, very very sick of geometry, who cares about Pythagorean Theorems?

  • Must pay bills. Have to love billpay but it kind makes me a big procrastinator. I hate late fees just because I don't hit send on time.

  • I must clean my bathroom because it is gross.

  • I must go to work.

This list is starting to depress me. I haven't felt great this week and all that has happened is life has piled up around me. I need a maid, a personal homework doer, a....well a clone might work.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday.

Prayers and Hugs

February 15, 2010

Memory Monday

So I have had this idea for a little while running around in my head.

It is called Memory Monday.


It really is simple. I will share with you one memory or other and then if you want you can create a post on your blog and we can all travel down memory lane together. I am even going to try to figure out that Mr. Linky Thingy.

No matter how old you are life has had to change a tad. I mean when I think back there use to be a time where there was no Internet, no Cell Phones, and Apple was a dying company. Gas was less than a dollar and Johnny Dep was on "21 Jump Street."

There is just something about tripping down memory lane that brings a smile to your lips.

For my first post, I was thinking where should I start and it occurred to me I should start where my memory begins.

My very earliest memory has to be before I started school and I am standing in the house my parents are building.

What I know is we moved into that house before I started kindergarten. So I must be four years old.

I am standing in the front room my back against the banister because my mom doesn't want my brother and I running around.

Clearly, I can see myself standing next to my little towhead brother. We are in our pj's, with bare feet and the floor is still plywood waiting for carpet. My pajamas are a gown and I will swear to you a bright pink, but I will also tell you that my brother is wearing ET pajamas, I know that ET hasn't been released to the movie theaters so I know this is wrong.

That is all I remember. It is a memory with fuzzy edges and barely there. I don't remember when the house was completed or when we even moved.

However, I do remember shortly after we moved in while my dad was at work my mom, brother and I enjoyed a wicked mud bath in the unfinished backyard.

As I type a movie reel of pictures is flashing through my mind. Pictures of me coming home from school, the phone in the front room, the curtains, pumpkins on the porch, and Santa at Christmas.

It is strange to think of myself as a little girl in pink pajamas.

Who wants to play along?

What is your very first memory?

If you write a post please link here.

Next Weeks Post

Do You Remember your first bike? Do you remember who taught you to ride a big bike? How old were you?

Prayers and Hugs,

My Bucket List

This life is short.

Time passes by in a blink of an eye and before we know it we have lived the life we are going to live.

I guess that is one of the reasons I have been thinking about the idea of a Bucket List.

Off and on I will get an idea of something I want to do and I will get all excited about the idea and before I know it I have forgotten my great idea.

Frustrates me to no end.

So I have decided to create a post in which I can create my Bucket List.

I know that most of you are probably familiar with the concept of a Bucket list but just incase your not I will tell you that a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do before you die.

I can't decide if this post is depressing or not?

In true Krissi fashion my Bucket List will have rules.

Your not surprised are you?

My first rule, this is my Bucket List and while I have hopes and dreams for my family these are things that only I can accomplish.

My second rule, no being a wuss if I think it, if I get excited about it, put it on the list. Who knows I might be a spry 90 year old lady who will do amazing Bucket List things.

Krissi's Bucket List


  • Travel to New York and see a Broadway Show
  • Travel to Hawaii again and this time go snorkeling out in the ocean
  • Travel to another country
  • Visit Prince Edward Island (Home of Anne, "Anne of Green Gables")


  • Be happy with my body
  • Be strong once a year accomplish an athletic event that reminds me how wonderful having a body is
  • Run a half marathon
  • Run a full marathon
  • Finish a Century Ride in under 6 hours

  • Read the Book of Mormon Once a year
  • Earn my medallion with both my daughters
  • Finish My Bachelors Degree
  • Get a Masters Degree
  • Write two books, one silly and one that reminds women how beautiful they are.
  • Have one photo published
  • Forgive someone who shouldn't be forgiven
That is the beginning of my Bucket List I hope as time goes on I will be able to add and cross off some of the items on my list. Just out of curiosity what is on your bucket list?

PS This is a 52 Blessings Post because I believe that this life is one of our greatest blessings. :)

February 13, 2010

I Gone and Done IT!

Once upon a time I had a hair dresser who said he didn't give PMS haircuts.

Mainly, his point was you weren't allowed to go a long time without getting your hair cut and then come in ask him to hack your hair off. He thought those decisions were based on poor hair maintenance.

Most of the time he was right and I was glad he didn't let me hack my hair off. Today I went and got a hair cut and I am not even going to tell you how long it has been.

I will tell you that I was going through a bottle of hair conditioner a week just to keep the snarls at bay.

Yes it was that bad.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking..

and thinking..

and thinking..

What a pain my hair is and how I am ready for a change.

How in my 30 something years of life I have basically stuck to the same hairstyle.

Same style different lengths.

So when I finally went in and cut it today I said, "Chop it." I gave her a couple more instructions but I didn't hover over the top of her giving her exact directions.

When I got home my oldest said, "It's ummm short. It looks fine I guess."

The dog barked at me because she didn't know who I was.

The youngest said, "You look weird."

I may have made a terrible mistake but the truth is I was ready for change.

I am ready for a change it is time once again to take that big step out of the box.

What will I do next?

So here it is what do you think, "Weird" or "Ummm Fine."

Prayers and Hugs,

February 12, 2010


There is nothing like a good work out to clear the cobwebs. Each day I workout my commitment to live healthier grows stronger. Why do I forget how wonderful it feels to move?

There are a lot of things I forget that make me feel wonderful. Mostly, because before the wonderful there is a lot of hard work.

For example, exercise before I can feel the wonderful after glow of a good work out, I have to actually endure the workout.

Eating right, so much easier to sit down to a bag full of jellybeans, enjoying the sugar rush, then to prepare a good and balance meal. Ironically, the jellybeans will eventually make me sick but the healthy meal makes me feel stronger.

The list goes on our goals, our relationships all give us the feeling of strength when we commit and take care of them.

A little while ago an author name Chris Tomlinson, contacted me and asked how I would feel about reviewing his book. “Crave, Wanting so much more of God.” I followed a couple of links he provided and read through some of his material and decided that I would review the book.

Crave: Wanting So Much More of God

After I received the book and started reading I was so happy to have had the opportunity. From the beginning of the book I was amazed to find that so many of my own thoughts were echoed. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised that as a Christian we all have feelings of inadequacy, those feelings that we are not good enough Christians, that we are too full of sin, that we make too many bad choices.

Then of course there is the guilt. I wont spend a lot of time on all the things that make us feel guilt because frankly it is depressing and the list is long. What I enjoyed about “Crave,” is the way Mr. Tomlinson captured the heart of what all Christians are searching for, a better relationship with our Heavenly Father.

As I read I dog eared quotes that I would share with you. The problem now is practically every page is folded over and to fully appreciate the quote I would have to type the entire chapter. So instead I’m just going to strongly suggest that you read the book. I will also provide you a link to the first 3 chapters of his book.

I have been a member of the LDS religion my entire life. In fact my parents, and their parents and ect… have always been LDS. My appreciation for this book stems from the fact that I looked at gospel principles I have been taught my entire life through a new perspective. Sometimes when we have heard a principle taught the same way over and over again we forget the principle. Or we fail to grasp the same point in the principle because the explanation has not changed.

Through out “Crave,” I sensed the sincerity and the intent of the author to help us draw closer to the Savior. To explain to us why we did not need to get so bogged down in our inadequacies and our guilt that we turn away from Christ.

To all of my LDS friends who decide to read this book you may be interested in knowing that Mr. Tomlinson is not LDS and at one point in the book he brings up the Mormon religion. At first I put on my armor and took offense to what he had written. I then went back and read the chapter again in its entirety. I really liked the book and did not want to not like it because of this one thing. As I read again I understood that the statement was not offensive. To double check I even sent Mr. Tomlinson and email and said, “Explain yourself sir.” His reply back was very kind and the concept of grace that he was explaining made so much sense to me. Theological we may be different but we both crave a relationship with our Savior.

The next post down is the business end of reviewing a book. I hope you will check out the links. Also, in addition to sending me a copy of the book I received a second copy to give away. The opportunity to win the second copy is below. Or you can click this link.

Prayers and Hugs,

Crave Give Away

Crave: Wanting So Much More of God

"Crave, Wanting So Much More of God," by Chris Tomlinson was provided to me compliments of Harvest House. In addition to providing me a copy they provided a second copy to give away. I believe in keeping things simple so all I ask is that you read the first three chapters of the book and leave a comment.

Okay, I'm not really going to know if you read the first three chapters but I highly suggest your read the first three chapters. Next Saturday, February 20th I will let random.org provide a winner.

If you want to check out what other people said about "Crave," you can check out Mr. Tomlinson's blog Link HERE. Or maybe your more a twitter person than you can check out Mr. Tomlinson Here. If you don't do twitter and you are all about facebook you can check out this link.

Prayers and Hugs,

February 11, 2010

Why we Remember

In April of 1999, my little brother was a senior in high school. One afternoon as I ran around town doing errands the news broke in and reported a high school shooting. My heart froze as I listened to the details of the story unfold. My brain shouted, “What school, what school, what school?” The news reporter finally said, “Columbine High.” Is it wrong that my heart started to beat again? Is it wrong that I took a deep breath and thought, “Thank Goodness?”

The massacre of Columbine High continued to be the top news story for weeks. Unbelievable stories of faith, courage, and sadness followed. The country mourned the loss of lives and we questioned repeatedly. “How could this happen?” “Why did this happen?” Some of us breathed deep sighs of relief that at least it did not happen to us.

Today, I was working with a sixth grade group and we were discussing authors. Each of the students is doing a report on an author of their choice. All of them decided that a good question to research was the author’s inspirations. One of my students chose Scott Westerfeld. I happen to be a big Scott Westerfeld fan so I was paying attention to her research. She decided to research the inspiration of Scott Westerfeld’s series Midnighters. She quickly found on Westerfeld’s site a quote from Westerfeld saying his inspiration for Midnighters came from the Columbine Massacre.

My student had been reading aloud and when she read the inspiration of the story she asked, “What is the Columbine Massacre?” The question caught me off guard. How could she not know about the Columbine Massacre? How could she get to 12 years old and not know about the dangers that lurk in this world? How could she not know about all the innocent children who lost their lives on that day?

With as much calm as I could muster, we started talking about the events of Columbine. We even discussed how old they were when it happened. Some of them were not born others were tiny babies. We talked about the judgments that followed. Soon they were discussing similar events in their own memories including those at Fort Hood. A part of me wished the conversation had never even started. Who wants to remember horrific events?

As we finished our discussion and we were cleaning up my student said, “I think the point of the story is not judge.”

In complete innocence, she answered my question; we remember these things so that we learn. Learning is not always pretty but necessary if we are to become better.

Prayers and Hugs,

February 09, 2010

The Voices in my Head

Little Red is haunting me.

First, they sent me an email reminding me it was time to register. Yah, yah, yah I know.

Second, I went to S.'s tri event on Saturday and the Exercise Diva reminded me it was time to register. Easy for her to say she is pregnant and due a month after the Little Red so in all reality is NOT going to do the Little Red. (Maybe I need to get pregnant?)

The little voice in the back of my head says, "Get real, you are totally out of shape you are NOT doing the Little Red this year."

Third, I get an email from Super Will, who provided some major motivation for last years Little Red ride. He was actually sending an email out about the MS ride that he is doing. He is looking for ride sponsors. I am going to provide the link because every little bit counts so if your able please send a couple of dollars his way. (Super Will's MS ride Link)

After reading Super Will's email the little voice reminded me again about the condition I am in.

Just when I finally decide, Nope, not happening this year. . .

Little Red sends a post card saying, "Time to register."

Then suddenly the little voice connected to my inner skinny girl, I do my very best to ignore her, she is always saying things like, "Don't eat that cookie!" "Get out of bed!" "Get Moving!" "Do a 100 mile bike ride!" I have found that her advice is not often very fun said, "Enough already, just register, and do the best you can."

So I'm doing the Little Red and the last couple of days have found my rear aloft my bike. My rear and I are both questioning our judgement about doing the ride.

However, the thing about my inner skinny girl is once I start listening to her she just doesn't shut up. Ever been in an aerobic class with an instructor you could gladly gag. YEAH, that is her yakking away about exercise, nutrition, and bike rides.

Until I find away to shut her up it is going to be back to training for me. Two days down and about a 100 more to go.

Prayers and Hugs,


February 08, 2010

Better Get to Livin

I don't know why I always forget how much I love working out.

Spending an hour moving, sweating and of course listening to some tunes.

I was on the bike this morning smiling my way through the pain. All of the tension draining away and an actual optimism about Monday was covering over me. Then one of my favorite songs came on and I started smiling even more.

Hope you have a wonderful week. Here is the tune that came on hope you enjoy and hope it brings a smile your Monday.

People always comin' up to me and askin'
"Dolly, what's your secret?
With all you do, your attitude
Just seems to be so good
How do you keep it?"
Well, I'm not the Dalai Lama, but I'll try
To offer up a few words of advice.

You better get to livin', givin'
Don't forget to throw in a little forgivin'
And lovin' on the way
You better get to knowin', showin'
A little bit more concerned about where you're goin'
Just a word unto the wise
You better get to livin'.

A girlfriend came to my house
Started cryin' on my shoulder Sunday evening
She was spinnin' such a sad tale
I could not believe the yarn that she was weavin'
So negative the words she had to say
I said if I had a violin I'd play.

I said you'd better get to livin', givin'
Be willing and forgivin'
Cause all healing has to start with you
You better stop whining, pining
Get your dreams in line
And then just shine, design, refine
Until they come true
And you better get to livin'.

Your life's a wreck, your house is mess
And your wardrobe way outdated
All your plans just keep on falling through
Overweight and under paid, under appreciated
I'm no guru, but I'll tell you
This I know is true.

You better get to livin', givin'
A little more thought about bein'
A little more willin' to make a better way
Don't sweat the small stuff
Keep your chin up
Just hang tough
And if it gets too rough
Fall on your knees and pray
And do that everyday
Then you'll get to livin'.

The day we're born we start to die
Don't waste one minute of this life
Get to livin'
Share your dreams and share your laughter
Make some points for the great hereafter.

Better start carin'
Better start sharin'
Better start tryin'
Better start smiling
And you better get to livin'...

February 05, 2010

Hazy Shade of Winter

Today I was at Wal-Mart in the section that has the hair elastic, barrettes, combs and all that good stuff. I was searching through the selections and suddenly my eyes fell on one particular item that had me laughing out loud.

Then the mother with the small children ran away because there was a crazy lady in the isle.

I digress...

As I was laughing I was instantly transported back to the 1980's.

This post may age me just a tad.

For the most part, I grew up in the 80's and there are a few trends that stand out in my mind.

For example...

Neon! Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow. There was no such thing as to much neon and Jelly Bangles the more you had the cooler you were.

Just so you know I never really had that many...

However, I did have a

SWATCH, yes I had a very sweet swatch that came complete with. . .

a swatch guard.

I may have never had the bangles stacked to my elbow but I had a swatch with a sweet swatch guard.

A trip down the 80's memory lane would not be complete without mentioning the crazy, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna costumes.

Big Hair,

Olivia Newton John, How many of you still have leg warmers buried in the back of your closet?

Guess Jeans and Esprit shirts.

Well, I don't know if you have noticed but I have noticed an increasing number of kids wearing clothes that I wore. In fact over the pass couple of weeks more then one of my students has walked in wearing an outfit that I know I wore.

However, what had me laughing out loud today was

Banana Clips

If there is one thing that I loved and wore and was never without it was my banana clip. Don't believe me. I even wore one on my wedding day. I cried on the day that my last banana clip broke. For years they have been no where to be found. I have looked.

Today, there they were! YAY!!!!

So I laughed, the little children ran away and I thought all the great styles come back. Now I just need to get me some Jelly Bangles.

Prayers and Hugs,

Bonus Points for the first person who gets the title of this post.

February 04, 2010

Krissi is taking a Break from Face Book. . .


This is one of those weeks where you welcome Friday with a great big grin. I am so excited for this weekend and except for a fun night out with my friends, I have no big plans.

This is okay because my math book and I have a date with Chapter 9 Geometry. Just so, you know, geometry is no more fun now then, it was in 9th grade. Oh brother! Who really cares about all those, Lines, Rays, Planes!!!

What does it all mean?

Yes, kids you will use it in your future lives and you will not like it anymore then you did back in the day.

Like the completely new positive me?

Anyway, this is going down as one of those weeks that you sweep under the rug and pretend did not happen.

Lucky me I am pretty good at imagining.

Meanwhile, I have taken a little break from face book and I have to tell you that I didn’t realize how much time I spent on face book.

What does one do with themselves when face book is not an option?

Well I have caught up on all kinds of celebrity gossip.

Did you know Kate Gosselin has hair extension now? Oh baby! The most exciting part of the new doo is the giant chunk of hair that hung in her face is gone. She is pretty dang cute and I have to be honest I had half as many kids as she did and her body is awesome. I think I will blame it on the fact that I was pregnant twice as many times as her.

Now there is a story problem to figure out.

I also have spent a large chunk of face book time on YouTube. I know that you know that means Krissi is going to post some very random video.

You know me so well.

Just think of me as your YouTube hook up.

The video below is an ode to my timeout from face book. It is one of my favorite singers Eric Hutchinson, singing a song about the awkward situations face book presents in our lives. I grinned, I chuckled, and I copy and pasted so as to torture you all. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Please send positive vertex, perpendicular, skew thoughts my way.

Prayers and Hugs,

February 02, 2010

Practice What I Preach?

I am staring at the keys of the keyboard trying to figure out how to start this post.

However, this is not a post that I know how to write without it going all wrong.

My self inflected rules for this blog have for me been a challenge. However, I gave myself those rules and I feel for the most part have followed them.

The rules are:

1. Never get mired down in the not so great moments of life. This is not the place for me to moan and groan and complain about my life and all my woes.

2. My life is not always awesome, all the time, don't pretend it is.

My goal has always been to try to be real and try to improve.

Most of my post reflect lessons I have learned because frankly, I was doing it wrong to begin with. My post in no way are suppose to reflect methods that I have perfected or claim to do with perfection.

I use to think that hypocrisy was one of the seven deadly sins. I looked it up and discovered it isn't. The seven deadly sins are envy, lust, anger, sloth, gluttony, greed and pride.

I was a little surprised that hypocrisy was not there. I thought of all the times I have said, "Well if they were really Christian they would not have done that. They are being a hypocrite."

Not that, that little thought didn't trip into the category of several of those deadly sins.

As I have reflected on what you may read on this blog and how I may actually behave in real non-blog life I thought, "I am a walking hypocrite."

Then I realized that isn't entirely true. Everyday I work to be a better person than I was. I try to do the things that I know I should. However, in the trying I make missteps. I do the exact opposite from what I preach on this blog.

It appears that the secret I am human may be out.

Well, since that secret is out I should probably let out a couple more.

#1 I am human.

#2 Born of German, Dutch, and Persian descent I am a stubborn Human. (This technically should be 2-10 just to clarify how stubborn of a human I am)

There are zillion more not so great traits about me I could list. However, that would defy rule number one of this blog.

At the end of the day there is only one person who looks back at me in the mirror and her and I have to agree that I tried to do better. However, recent events have taught me that just because I am trying to be a better person, to be kind, and to be a little less stubborn does not mean that I have to be a door mat.

When my mom was first diagnosed with cancer she sat in a Dr.'s office and the doctor asked her if she had any garbage in her life. What did garbage in her life have to do with cancer? Chemo therapy and radiation do not eliminate garbage. His point in asking was she had a fight in front of her and her effort and energy had to go towards the cancer. Garbage, nonsense, gobbly gook had to be eliminated so that she could recover.

From that time she has done all that she can to eliminate that garbage from her life. Maybe, the key to becoming a better person is along the same lines. Garbage that seeps into our life is like cancer. It takes over all of the good blood cells and before you know it the garbage is destroying the good.

For me this is a harsh lesson to learn. That part of improving means there are going to be times that I have to be tough. That I am going to have to do things that seem mean and essentially hypocritical. Frankly, that part of life just kind of bites. Why can't we just all hold hands and sing, "We are The World?"

Big Sigh. . .

I guess that no matter how you try to ignore garbage, it just continues to pile up, and then it begins to stink, and then the bugs start coming and you HAVE to take it out. Which is what I am going to do so now the garbage has been taken out I promise no more reference to the garbage. Even if it means violating rule number 2 for a little while.

If you happened to make it to the end of this post you earn extra friend brownie points. Thank you to all the people who endure my endless ramblings. The kind of therapy you offer through your comments is just what the doctor ordered.

Prayers and Hugs,