February 13, 2010

I Gone and Done IT!

Once upon a time I had a hair dresser who said he didn't give PMS haircuts.

Mainly, his point was you weren't allowed to go a long time without getting your hair cut and then come in ask him to hack your hair off. He thought those decisions were based on poor hair maintenance.

Most of the time he was right and I was glad he didn't let me hack my hair off. Today I went and got a hair cut and I am not even going to tell you how long it has been.

I will tell you that I was going through a bottle of hair conditioner a week just to keep the snarls at bay.

Yes it was that bad.

Meanwhile, I have been thinking..

and thinking..

and thinking..

What a pain my hair is and how I am ready for a change.

How in my 30 something years of life I have basically stuck to the same hairstyle.

Same style different lengths.

So when I finally went in and cut it today I said, "Chop it." I gave her a couple more instructions but I didn't hover over the top of her giving her exact directions.

When I got home my oldest said, "It's ummm short. It looks fine I guess."

The dog barked at me because she didn't know who I was.

The youngest said, "You look weird."

I may have made a terrible mistake but the truth is I was ready for change.

I am ready for a change it is time once again to take that big step out of the box.

What will I do next?

So here it is what do you think, "Weird" or "Ummm Fine."

Prayers and Hugs,


Me, Myself and I said...

I like what that hair cutter says about the PMS haircut. Too true, man. It's cute. How can you go wrong with all your curls?

Willow said...

I love it!!!!

I am a PMS hair cutter. Actually, it isn't that so much as I just finally get tired of longer hair all at once. My hairdresser always stresses out when I tell her to cut it off, because that order generally comes after months and months of trying to grow it long. Suddenly I am over the long hair and ready for a short due.

That was probably more information than you really wanted to know about my hair psychosis. ;)

Still, I love your new cut!

Angie said...

Change is always good! Don't you remember my pink hair? C'mon, let's both of us go pink again! Seriously, it's cute. I thought so at church today, but didn't get a chance to tell ya!

Clark Family said...

I think it's super cute!!!:)

Sharla said...

I lOVE IT...To the darling Hairstylist who says he doesn't do PMS cuts he is really saying.. I want permanent business and I'm going to use PMS to guilt you into feeling like you have to come and cut it so your not just being flim-flam girl PMS excuse BLAH BLAH... Men don't understand PMS and they shouldn't pretend to.