February 18, 2010

I Must!

Things I must do today.

  • I must do laundry. Tomorrow will not be happy day if I do not get some specific clothes washed.

  • I must vacuum. 200 lb Indoor dogs require that you vacuum frequently.

  • I must do homework. So sick of math, very very sick of geometry, who cares about Pythagorean Theorems?

  • Must pay bills. Have to love billpay but it kind makes me a big procrastinator. I hate late fees just because I don't hit send on time.

  • I must clean my bathroom because it is gross.

  • I must go to work.

This list is starting to depress me. I haven't felt great this week and all that has happened is life has piled up around me. I need a maid, a personal homework doer, a....well a clone might work.

Hope you are all enjoying your Thursday.

Prayers and Hugs

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