February 15, 2010

Memory Monday

So I have had this idea for a little while running around in my head.

It is called Memory Monday.


It really is simple. I will share with you one memory or other and then if you want you can create a post on your blog and we can all travel down memory lane together. I am even going to try to figure out that Mr. Linky Thingy.

No matter how old you are life has had to change a tad. I mean when I think back there use to be a time where there was no Internet, no Cell Phones, and Apple was a dying company. Gas was less than a dollar and Johnny Dep was on "21 Jump Street."

There is just something about tripping down memory lane that brings a smile to your lips.

For my first post, I was thinking where should I start and it occurred to me I should start where my memory begins.

My very earliest memory has to be before I started school and I am standing in the house my parents are building.

What I know is we moved into that house before I started kindergarten. So I must be four years old.

I am standing in the front room my back against the banister because my mom doesn't want my brother and I running around.

Clearly, I can see myself standing next to my little towhead brother. We are in our pj's, with bare feet and the floor is still plywood waiting for carpet. My pajamas are a gown and I will swear to you a bright pink, but I will also tell you that my brother is wearing ET pajamas, I know that ET hasn't been released to the movie theaters so I know this is wrong.

That is all I remember. It is a memory with fuzzy edges and barely there. I don't remember when the house was completed or when we even moved.

However, I do remember shortly after we moved in while my dad was at work my mom, brother and I enjoyed a wicked mud bath in the unfinished backyard.

As I type a movie reel of pictures is flashing through my mind. Pictures of me coming home from school, the phone in the front room, the curtains, pumpkins on the porch, and Santa at Christmas.

It is strange to think of myself as a little girl in pink pajamas.

Who wants to play along?

What is your very first memory?

If you write a post please link here.

Next Weeks Post

Do You Remember your first bike? Do you remember who taught you to ride a big bike? How old were you?

Prayers and Hugs,


Katherine said...

I found your blog through your FB. I didn't know you were a blogger. I love blogging (though you wouldn't know it as far behind as I am).

I really like this memory lane thing I think I might try it. I don't remember much of my childhood but I think I can pull off a few things at least. It would be good for my kids to be able to read up on some of my memories of growing up and even some of them then they were smaller.

Thanks for the idea. Feel free to visit my blog any time you want.

Willow said...

Okay, I don't have a blog, but I still want to play. This is a hard one for me because my mother swears that though I recall this event vividly, I hadn't been born -- at the time, Mom was pregnant with me. Want to hear creapier... she never told me about this moment until I looked at her one day and said remember ----, when this and that happened? She stared, she blinked, and then she asked how I even knew about that.

So, my earliest memory is being on a beach. It was cold, gray, and the waves were gently slapping the rocks. My parents and siblings were tidepooling. My brother and sister would touch an anemonie and watch the creature pull its tentacles in. Then a family friend, who had the loudest, most joyous, shrillest laugh would cackle at John and Alyssa. Then they would run and quickly repeat the process. They saw starfish and crabs, but loved the anemonies more than anything else. Then it started to rain so everyone left to find a cafe where pancakes and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all.

When I recounted the story to mom, she told me that the beach was in Washington. Everything happened exactly as I described, but apparently I wasn't there with them.

Willow said...

Since I hadn't been born for my first memory (although, I swear, I totally remember the whole thing), I'll give you a second.

Like yours, it is a little fuzzy. My family was at my grandmother's house. I was only 2 or 3, because my grandmother died when I was 3.... so I definately wasn't any older. We were celebrating something, but I wasn't interested in the party because grandma's evil siamese cat was stalking me. The cat's name was Ti Ling, and trust me... she was EVIL! As I walked into the kitchen, Ti was on top of the refridgerater and her dark tail began to twitch -- back and forth, side to side. It snaked through the air like a whip. Her eyes glowed greenish, and I was petrified. I remember opening the fridge door hoping she would fall off, but she didn't.

That's it... just a bad cat, creepy cat eyes, and her swishing tail. Just so you know how evil Ti Ling really was; after grandma died, Ti came to live with us. She would stalk the neighbor's golden retriver, Luke. She followed Luke around the neighborhood when he was let out to romp and play. One day, Ti was on the roof and Luke wandered into our yard. He got too close to our house, and Ti jumped from the roof and landed on the poor dog's back. She dug her claws into his back and rode him down to the end of the block. She was truly an evil, EVIL cat!