February 20, 2010

Pretty Soon. . .

This blog is going under a little bit of construction.

All behind the scenes so as of yet you have not noticed any changes.

Soon.. there will be changes and I am way excited.

A very talented graphic designer is in the process of building me, theSwimMom, Krissi, her very on template. One of the reasons that the snow has stayed on my blog a bit longer than I like.

Because you know that in real life, snow in February is EVIL.

I am very excited for the changes and I am looking forward to other changes that will be taking place over the next few weeks.

Including a guest poster, or the greatest maiden of honor you choose which title you like. She is beautiful and wicked. Two crucial requirements in my book. More on that to come.

In addition, I need to do some blessing post. I am not behind. Nope, that was my rule I did not get behind there were just going to be weeks that I was going to have to post a few or more.

Hope your enjoying your weekend.

Hugs and Prayers,

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