March 25, 2010

Say it Aint So

There are the obvious things you can't eat when you say you aren't going to eat sugar.

Cake, umm yah

Candy bars, check

Fruit snacks, gotcha

Then there is the not so obvious things you can't eat when you say you aren't going to eat sugar. Brent and I spent close to two hours in Costco today and pretty much came out with next to nothing. The rule is that sugar, and those ingredients that we know are sugar even if it uses a fancy word to try and disguise the sugar, can not be in the first two ingredients.

This post is going to be my I can't believe how much sugar is in that post. I'm going to keep a list of items that I'm kind of shocked have sugar in the first two ingredients.

  • Yogurt. 

I knew that light yogurt was high in sugar but I assumed regular yogurt was not. Turns out that pretty much all yogurt list sugar as the second ingredient. Well every yogurt that Costco sells. Which, included "Activia" the commercial says it is the healthy yogurt, well maybe, but there is a lot of sugar in that healthy yogurt.

  • Beef Jerky

We couldn't find one brand of beef or turkey jerky where sugar was not the second ingredient.

  • Health Bars

Sugar second ingredient

I'm starting to think that this no sugar thing is going to be a lot more challenging than I initially believed.

March 23, 2010

Aint Nobody Need to See That

Another Monday came and went and I did not get "My Memory Monday," post up. This has a lot to do with the kids having the day off, a weekend spent swimming, and laundry piles that had grown so large that I almost couldn't get into the laundry room.

Where the heck do all those clothes come from?

Sometimes I have fantasies about striking a match and walking away. However, that would mean my children would go to school naked, my husband would go to work naked, and I would go to work naked.

Aint nobody need to see that.

So I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing laundry.

All for you!

So in light of the fact that I am falling behind on another project I am switching things up a bit. I will be posting, "My Memory Monday's" post the first Monday of every month. I really hope you join me and write a post. I have been amazed at what I have learned about myself through these post. Even if I'm not actually getting them posted. OH Brother.

Also, we have a few changes around here. That I am going to get into over the next few weeks. Including our family dropping sugar out of their diet. The entire family. Our official start date is the day after Easter. However, we are in the process of changing a lot of foods in the house. The official rule is Sugar (in any form, this includes High Fructose Corn Syrup) can not be included in the first two ingredients. We have been shocked what that has included.

So far we are going to have to quit eating cold cereal, low fat yogurt, catsup, and BBQ sauce. Also we have to change our salad dressing. We are finding that pretty much anything that we eat that says low fat means high sugar. Yes, we knew that but we didn't realize just how high the sugar was.

I feel this will be a good change for our family but change always means trouble. Well I need to scram. Off to work and a busy day ahead. Hope you are enjoying some kind of sun wherever you are.

Warm Hugs and Prayers

March 20, 2010

Poof, Problem Solved

How do you know when enough is enough? How do you know when you have reached the end of the road or the beginning a very steep hill? Why does parenting mean that not only are you trying to figure this out for yourself but also you are trying to figure it out for your kid?

I want an easy button. A button that I can push every now and then to make life EASY! If I can’t have an Easy button how about an Answer button.

Here is the answer to your question, do this.

That would be nice. The angst of trying to make decisions overwhelms me. I think if I had known parenting was going to be this hard I would have taken a pass.

No, that isn’t true because there is the other side of the coin. The smiles, success, accomplishments and lessons learned. Those make up for the angst, grief, sorrow. . . I think I will stop now.

The quote, “Life is a box of chocolates,” keeps popping up in my life. It is somewhat sad to say how true this statement is. Sometimes you get perfectly creamy, delicious, piece of chocolate. Sometimes you get a crunchy, nutty, and chewy chocolate.

Both are yummy, just one is a little harder to chew then the other.

I’m too caught up in the angst right now. I don’t know what choice to make and I want problems resolved.



I have never been very good when it comes to this part of life. The part where you work through a problem, find solutions, and keep moving forward.

I just want the problem gone.

What I wouldn’t do for Samantha’s witch nose. Wiggle my nose and poof problem solved. Only that isn’t what life is about.

In my ever to be humble opinion life is about climbing those steep hills and overcoming obstacles. The obstacles are where we learn the most and grow the most. Therefore, I have to learn to live with the angst. Learn to live with the part where you work to find the solution.

In all likelihood the angst is some message that the body sends out that says, “FIX THIS!” So we fix it. No easy button , no answer button, just effort and hard work.

If I could figure out how to make that easy button I would be a zillionaire.

Hugs and Prayers,

March 18, 2010

I Need a Bubble Bath

I jammed my finger last night playing volleyball with the youth. Sometimes I feel accident pron.

The dumb finger wont straighten it wont bend and any attempt to do either results in a lot of tears.

Because I am a big baby.

Today is the first day of State we sent S. with her coach this morning. I have to work for a bit and will make it there before her second of three events. Have I ever mentioned how long swim meets last. They last forever!!!!

Henry is saying he is sick, no fever, and a bit of sniffle I think in all likely hood my little one who loves sleep is just not handling Day Light savings. Who can blame him. The daylight at the end of the day rocks but changing your sleeping schedule not so much rocking.

I have school tonight and I am loving that I am on a total rant. So in order to end this rant quickly I have just one last thing to say.

"Calgon, take me away."

Hugs and Prayers

March 16, 2010

Sun, Basketball, State and Soccer

The sun is shining (what I told you I would do it) and all I want to do is be outside soaking up as many rays as I possibly can.

This happens every year and the results in piles of laundry, piles of dishes, unwashed clothes, and unmade beds.

Because, I need the sun!

I have swore that this year will be different I will not neglect my house! I will not neglect my blog! I will not neglect my homework!

Then the sun shines and I do all of the above. It is sad but true.

This week is turning out to be all kinds of fun.

Last night was Al’s end of season basketball party. I will be honest and tell you I was not thrilled when I found out who her coach was going to be. He has kind of a reputation for being a bit mean. In fact in our house before this season we didn’t even know his name. We just referred to him as “Mean Coach.” Once again I have learned that you cannot judge a book by the cover.

Coach Tre turned out to be an awesome coach and Al had a wonderful basketball season and learned so much. Last night she won the title Sassy Al and “Best rebounder.” Which she is (Sassy) and was (Best rebounder). I think it is so awesome that Coach Tre and his assistant Coach John really got to know the girls and he really taught them something. I wouldn’t be surprised if Al sticks to basketball after this experience.

S. is gearing up for Short Course State this weekend. We received the Psyche sheet last night and she saw just how hard she is going to have to work at this meet. She hasn’t been ranked this low in a long time. She took a little bit of hit seeing where she placed, have I mentioned how hard aging up has been on her, it is crazy how fast these girls swim. A couple of the girls she will swim against have national rankings. I will let you know how the weekend plays out but if you could send some speedy thoughts towards S. she could use them.

A. and H. are starting soccer. I can hardly believe it is time for soccer to begin. Seems just like yesterday that it ended. Next weekend we will be back into soccer mode. Pray for lots of warm weather I don’t think I can take a cold spring.

Well I have went on a bit and if you stuck through to the end you rock! I did not forget “My Memory Monday” post I even have it written just not typed and posted. Hey! Did I mention the sun was shinning. ☺ Next week it will be up because I HAVE RULES!

Warm Sunny Hugs and Prayers

March 12, 2010

So Long, Farewell

The sun is shining. 

I’m thinking everyday that the sun is shining I am going to start a post that says the sun is shining.

That way I will know during the long days of winter where the sun refuses to shine that eventually it will shine.

I realize starting every post with, “The sun is shining,” may get a tad annoying but the one thing you can be sure of is that it will stop. I live in Utah and eventually the sun stops shining.

Today, the sun is shining. Today I get to go to the nursery. In my ever to be humble opinion there is no place better on earth than the nursery. Maybe the bookstore but right now after a long winter the nursery is my favorite place.

We are busy planning our garden and deciding what we are going to plant this year. Brent is in charge of the vegetable garden. I listen to his plans. I nod in agreement, and I think about my flowers. I had so much fun last year trying new flowers that I can’t wait to try even more new flowers this year.

Currently, I have six flats of snapdragons growing in my window. My little babies are doing good. Little bits of green are poking up all over the yard with a tiny flower here and there.

I have tripped over more than one blog mentioning spring and it looks like I’m not the only one ready to say farewell to winter.

How about you, are you looking forward to spring and summer?

Happy Hugs and Prayers

March 10, 2010

"Baby Got Back"

I have had so much fun today. 

I have just started a creative writing class. I thought a creative writing class would be a blast. However, it turns out the minute someone tells me to write my brain goes dead and my creative juices cease to flow. I just end up spending hours looking at a computer screen hoping something clever materializes. 

Writing is hard.

Next week we have an outline for a short story due. The short story is a major portion of our grade so I have been racking my brain. What do I write about? What do I write about? What kind of story do I want to tell? A little loop just continues on and on in my brain.


Turns out I am a firm believer in writing what you know. So I have been thinking about the different experiences in my life trying to decide what would make a great story. With a few embellishments here and there, of course. 

The little loop continues and I am in the car running errands and Under the Bridge comes on the radio. Ahh, Red Hot Chili Peppers always takes me back to high school. Girls who listened to Red Hot Chili Peppers were super cool alternative chicks. Okay, well not necessarily super cool but alternative. 

Then I start thinking about high school because the song is on and I start smiling thinking about some of the things I did while that song was one.

No, not that!

Then I thought I'm going to write a story about high school or something that happened in high school.  I haven't figured out all the details quite yet. However, I did decide that this is an assignment that needs a soundtrack. So I have spent a few hours today researching the alternative and hits of the late eighties early nineties.

I have had blast. We listened to some pretty funky, pretty diverse music, A little Bobby Brown, Boys II Men, En Vogue, Salt -n-Peppa, Right Said Fred (I'm Too Sexy), Vanilla Ice, Nirvana, Pearl Jam. I can't believe how much fun it has been to listen to the soundtrack of high school.

Seriously, right now I am listening to Kris Kross is going to make you Jump, Jump. High school dance flash back. I am not standing up in my office with my hands in the air waiving them like I just don't care. Are you down with that. :)

Like I said I am having way to much fun and I need your input. What song do you think of when you think of high school? Were you into bald chicks or were you all about the big hair? Help! My grade in this class may depend on you.

Prayers and Hugs

March 08, 2010

Do You Like Me?

This My Memory Monday brought to you by the Beautifully Wicked Willow.

Take it away Willow. . .

There are so many memories from my first 3 years of school.  In kindergarten I said my first curse word.  My friend Sarah told me the foul four letter word and I repeated it, and then we both had to stay after scool that day.  We had to stack all the chairs on top of the table... for us, it seemed like honest to goodness torture.  Some experiences bond you to those around you.  Sarah and I became best friends for years; all through elementary (even when she was put in Catholic school for not giving up those naughty words), junior high and high school.  Even now; many, many, MANY years since the chair incident, we still giggle like school-girls when we run into eachother around town.

First grade was a bit easier.  I knew how to be a student and I had the nicest first grade teacher in the whole school.  Mrs. Broomstopple was students' dream come true -- and she thought I was brilliant and darling... all was right with the world!  However, sometime during the second quarter I was placed in the Blue Jay reading group, suddenly all was NOT right with the world.  The Blue Jays were good readers, but they were not the best readers in the class and I liked to be the best at everything!  I began to feel sick more and more often.  In first grade, I actually faked an asthma attack to stay home and avoid the horror that was the Blue Jay group (fun fact: faking an asthma attack will cause a big, fat, real asthma attack).  After a few days of me really faking sick, my parents talked with me and my teacher.  I explained that I would try much harder and my teacher told my parents that I was right on the cusp of the Red Robin group and she just didn't want to overwhelm me.  It was agreed that I could be a Red Robin... and again, all was right with the world.

Kinder and first were happy-go-lucky years.  However, second grade was the year I discovered boys!!!  I wish I could tell you there was one boy in particular, but I am a girl who likes to have options.  Why limit yourself to one boy when you are a carefree seven year-old?  I was in love with my class... every boy in my class!!  Well, there is one exception -- I had no affection for the boy that ate ereasers and picked his nose.  However, every other boy was on my list of cutest boys ever.  When we lined up for lunch, I was intentionally be the last girl in line -- then I could stand next to the first boy.  ::sigh::  The same was true when we went to the library.  ::double sigh::  I wrote 13 notes all saying, "do you like me?  Check 'yes' or 'no.'"  I made gushy valentines with hearts,  flowers, and candy (I knew that boys liked candy).  I played soccer and tag at lunchtime and avoided the girl-infested jungle-gym and swingset.  I learned the words to every Michael Jackson song; all this was in an effort to impress those fickle second grade boys.  Sadly, every attempt to win their affections failed.... until third grade.

In third grade, John Botello (the most darling of my second grade non-paramours) approached me in the library.  He casually broached the subject of our previous year with the classy line of, "Um, remember how you loved all of us last year?  Do you still love me?  Cause I think you got really cute over the summer.  Like, so much cuter than you were last year."   I told him the truth --Poor John, how was he supposed to know that over the summer I had fallen out of love with boys at school? . . .  Boys at church didn't run as fast -- not that I ever caught any of them either, at least not romantically.

March 07, 2010

And the Good News

Now for the good news, because this blog has rules, to many rules if you ask me.

Good news number one, “WELCOME,” to my new blog created by a super talented chick at Adori graphics check out her link in the side bar. This is a one of a kind template created just for me and I love it.

I especially like my banner with the Momma bird getting uptight at her little bird trying to fly off. So much like my life right now. All of my little birds are trying to fly off with their own wings.

This weekend we were at a swim meet. I know nothing too new about that. However, S. did awesome she has such a hard time aging up into the category she is in now. It was so much to watch her swim this weekend. I could actually see her old self come back.

State is in two weeks and I have not been looking forward to going. However, after this weekend I am excited. I think S. will hold her own and do well.

In more exciting news, well at least for me it is exciting, Willow has agreed to a second Memory Monday post that will be going up tomorrow. That girl just cracks me up. Big thanks to her for writing the post in the middle of her son’s science experiment.

Finally, we have 9 o’clock church, which means I get a Sunday afternoon nap. So off I go to bury under some warm fuzzy blankets and try to get rid of this nasty head cold.

Sleepy Hugs and Prayers

Bad News Now Good News Later

Life is kind of piling up on top of me right now. So many things to do, places to be, and things to be done.

Meanwhile, my house is quite a mess. I need to spring clean like you can’t believe. Before I spring clean I need to simply get the dishes washed.

I hate dishes, and laundry, and vacuuming, and. . .

To top it all off I have a head cold. That is making me feel like there is all kinds of cotton stuffed all over in my head. Making it impossible to think. Making it impossible to do homework. Making it impossible to lesson plan. All of which have to be done whether I have a head cold or not.

I’m having a nice time complaining. So why I am at it I should probably complain about the weather. Utah, springs you have to love them, except it is kind of hard to love something that is as moody as all get out.

One minute we are getting snow that results in a good six inches of snow everywhere. The next thing you know the sun is out and all of snow is melting.  The snow is all gone and the sun is out and the rain clouds roll in.

What the. . .

Is it any wonder everyone ends up sick. Our poor sun deprived bodies can’t handle Mother Nature’s mood swings.

Okay this is the end of my rant. Because believe it or not I have some good news, more on that later, kind of bad news good news post today.

Hugs, and Sneezy Prayers

March 04, 2010

Feel the Love, or at least the Warmth

This folks is what you would call a random post.

Which is basically all of my post.

So you should be use to it by now.

We have this cat.


Her name is Carmen.

Brent hates Carmen and Carmen hates Brent.

Given Brent is allergic to cats his feelings are understandable.

Given Brent yells at Carmen and stomps at her and tells her to go away her feelings are understandable.

However, Carmen likes to be warm. She likes to cuddle up on warm fuzzy blankets. One her favorite spots during Christmas is under the lit Christmas tree. 1000 lights produces considerable heat.


This winter has been cold. Bone chilling cold. I have not been happy and Carmen has not been happy.

Leading her to do something she wouldn't generally do.

Cuddle with the warmest human in the house.


Who pretends he doesn't notice she is cuddled up against him.

Because Brent hates Carmen and Carmen hates Brent.

At least that is Brent's story and he is sticking to it.

Hugs and Prayers

March 02, 2010

Funny Funny!

Sometimes our blessings are obvious.

Photo 97

Photo 110

Photo on 2010-02-13 at 19.51

Photo 77

March 01, 2010

I'm Accountable

I'm accountable is moving to a blog post. So here is where I keep track of how much or how little I am exercising.

The problem with moving "I'm Accountable," into a post is well I don't feel so accountable. I mean really are you digging through post checking up on me?

I didn't think so.

So I guess it comes down to being accountable to myself. What a crazy idea.

Here is my update. :)

3/02/2010 42 Minutes Spinning 12mph (I'm a turtle on wheels watch out baby)
3/01/2010 3 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 45 min
2/27/2010 2 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 30 min
2/26/2010 4 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 60 min
2/22/2010 3 Mile Walk w/ Light Weights 45 min
2/19/2010 4 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 60 min
2/16/2010 40 Minutes Spinning WooHaa
2/15/2010 3 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 45 min
2/12/2010 2 Mile Walk w/Light Weights 30 min
2/09/2010 30 Minute Bike Ride
2/08/2010 40 Minute Bike Ride
1/5/2010 2 Mile Walk 36.5 Minutes w/ Upper Body Weights
1/4/2010 2 Mile Walk 38 Minutes

My Memory Monday

When I started school I was barely five years old. Having a summer birthday I was one of the youngest students in the classroom.

This really didn’t matter because I was more than ready to start school.

My first teacher was Mrs. Choate. However, I thought her name was Mrs. Choake. I thought it was scary to have a teacher named Mrs. Choake.

All year long every time I said Mrs. Choake she would correct me and say Mrs. Choate. I think I was in the third grade before I realized she was correcting me.

This may have possibly been my very first blonde moment. I really had no clue why she always repeated her name back to me.

Every time she said Mrs. Choate I would think, ”Yes, I know Mrs. Choake. Why are you correcting me?”

When I started kindergarten I knew all my ABC’s and had the amazing ability of writing my name. It was pretty awesome. Especially considering I had to explain that I was not named Kristi that my name was Krissi. That is another story for another day.

By the time I finished Kindergarten I could read. Yay Me! However, I had no recall of the alphabet or the reason for said alphabet.

Phonics, phish, letters “Whatever!” I could read. Why did I need to know the alphabet? It is amazing how little I have changed over the last thirty years. By the time I finished kindergarten I had firmly established that;

First, I was a blonde maybe not literally a blonde but anyone who goes a full year not using her teacher’s name correctly has some blonde going on.

Second, once I decided something is unnecessary my brain refuses to learn said useless information.

To this day I have my blonde moments and my brain still refuses to process useless information. Well what my brain deems as useless information, like the alphabet, there is some of that information that I need to know, but the little voice in my heads repeats over and over, “I don’t care”.

To cap off my kindergarten year I received a brand new baby brother on the last day of school. So all in all kindergarten was pretty good to me. If anyone runs into Mrs. Choate please tell her I figured it out.

Hugs and Prayers

PS Okay, next week was suppose to be 4th-6th but don’t you want to know what happened when I showed up to first grade without ABC? Next week FIRST GRADE!